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Outgoing Assistant Minister for Culture, Louise McMillian

An Ode to Min. McMillian Leaving Office

The final days of Louise McMillian, Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural affairs and Tourism, is near.

As Culture Minister since 2012, Min. McMillian came to the position at a time when the nation was facing its worst national identity crisis, including the lack of a clear strategy to promote and safeguard its cultural and traditional values for future generations.

Another Big Collabo

Baby Eye, a Liberian born/ US-based hip hop artist, just released ‘Rih Rih’ featuring one of hip hop’s finest rap artists from Atlanta, Lil’ Scrappy. And presently, vines are all over social media showing thousands of people now going, ‘Rih rih rih rih rih rih’…that’s what attracted LIB Life’s interest.

A handful of Liberian artists have taken major leaps in their careers by teaming with some of the best names in show business. Quite recently, Flex of GProductions did a huge collaboration with pop/hip hop artist Akon that led into a record deal.

Lorenzo Loveland, owner of the record label Black Enzo that produced the song “I’m Liberian”

“I Am a Liberian”

Lorenzo Loveland is back. This time around with a single that features 14 top rated Liberian artists, including child rapper Ziggy Ray, who almost murdered everyone on the track with his lyrics.

The single, “I’m a Liberian,” talks about patriotism and all the positive things that are associated with being a Liberian.

The song, released a few weeks ago, sends out the message that despite our differences as a people, Liberians should stop having negative thoughts about their country.

A view from atop the East Nimba Nature Reserve

African forest elephants

Large savanna found in Sapo National Park, which contains some of West Africa’s last remaining primary rainforest

Visit Liberia for Unique Travel Experience

Attention world travelers! It is time to think about a visit to Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic, to enjoy the nation’s intriguing wildlife, stunning scenery, soaring mountains, dense and ancient forests, miles of perfect coastline and rivers to thrill you. Yes indeed, Liberia is a place to be with places to inspire you; this is somewhere to explore natural wonders that will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

How to Blow Up in Liberia as a Musician

Every day, the struggling Liberian music industry is getting better, and harder, with the competition certainly growing as well. So to succeed or blow up in the industry requires being smart and using the right tactics to beat your competitors.

However, if music is just a hobby to you, then don’t apply; but if you are into the game to monetize or make profit, then start putting these four tips into practice.

1. Improve Your Musical Skills Beyond Average


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