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Introducing Miss Menneh

A few years ago, Miss Menneh was born. This was not a rebirth but her coming into the music world with gripping lyrics that engages every bit and part of music lovers. This was true of her debut album, “Zomo.”

The album is a blend of traditional Liberian sounds and Afrobeat to create a unique sound that is hard to resist. Many Liberians in the US are caught up in her rapture.

The Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) will bring a new flavor to the Temple of Justice this evening (Dec. 23), with a concert featuring a repertoire of classical, traditional and jazz music. Starts at 6 p.m.

Christmas Music Fest Comes to Temple of Justice

In the Liberian context, it might seem like an unlikely venue but, for the Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) to stage its annual Christmas Fest in the Conference Hall of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia this year, the event might rekindle nostalgia for the arts in the legal science.

PCK and L’Franklin Explain the Phrase “Kill Your Dog”

Since their debut back in 2010, PCK and L’Franklin have battled the odds to climb the ladder as one of the best rap groups in Liberia, evidenced by the fact that three of their singles this year became instant hits.

Three of their songs “Freestyle,” “I’m coming” and the current one “I’m Here” have rocked the industry like a wildfire, which is still making noise in town.

International Artist Black Diamond Attacked During Soul Fresh Festival

Boasting a status as the only Liberian artists that can pull in one million fans from all walks of life in Liberia to any of their concerts, Soul Fresh held their Million Fan Festival over the weekend on Bernard Beach that not only brought in a couple of thousand fans and performances from many artist, it also brought confusion and the injury of International afro reggae star Black Diamond’s cousin, Ebony…

Here’s what happened!

Singer DenG, Model Candace Sayonkon, Movie Producer Dream Debo, Gospel musician Kanvee Adams and Poet Lekpele Nyamalon

DenG Tops LIB Life ‘Personality of the Year’

As the saying goes “it is better to give a man or woman their flowers when they are alive”; therefore, LIB Life is now releasing its first annual list of Personality of the Year to honor those whose positive achievement and record breaking moments stood above the others.

Whether you like them or not, our five honoree’s personal integrity and talent is an indication that they deserve being on the list after squeezing out five others contenders…


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