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“Those are my inspirations painting I got from dream”

Birth of an Artist: The Writing on the Wall

Whether past or present, many artistic works (drawing, painting, crafting, weaving etc.) have often been associated with mystery.  From the world famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo D’ivinci to the original Vai script of Western Liberia, these great works of art and culture inspire endless debate as to the meanings and their messages.  This concept of mystery in art is not at all a thing of the past.  Mysteries in general form part of traditional life and daily occurrences in places like Liberia, art (and culture) being no exception.

Afro against Ebola: Chris Wolo, who usually goes bald, vowed not to cut his hair until Ebola is kicked out of Liberia

Conversation with Chris Wolo

UNMIL radio’s prodigy and radio talk personality Chris Wolo joined LIB LIFE over the week to talk about where one draws the line when it comes to good broadcasting.

“I consider myself a radio personality and this is important, there are a lot of people on air that don’t really know who and what they are; or know how powerful the tool they use is and how much more power they hold,” he added.

While Chris Wolo has decided to create awareness to what he calls the ‘Ebola scourge’ in Liberia, he says he’s doing it for a good reason.

Pandora Hodge, Project Coordinator Kriterion Monrovia

Putting Ideas in Motion

On January 16, 2014, in the Jallah’s Town community, 26 year-old Pandora Hodge, the Project Coordinator of Kriterion Monrovia cut the ribbon of her newly constructed office.

Pandora, who was a senior student at the University of Liberia before the Ebola outbreak, majoring in sociology and public administration, is working to create an avenue for college students to prosper in business, through Kriterion Monrovia.

Bishop Hart (right) and Trinity Cathedral are expected to honor Liberia’s health workers in a special Christmas Cantata


As has become a tradition for Trinity Cathedral Choir around this time each year, the church’s choir is once again applying the finishing touches to what is planned as another glorious Christmas treat for music lovers of the classical genre, Trinity’s yearly Cantata.

(Cantata is a musical composition for voices and instruments, usually, on a religious theme, containing arias, choruses and recitatives.)


The Coca-Cola Company in Liberia, together with its bottling partner Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC), today presented a donation of medical supplies to fight the Ebolavirus to the Ministry of Health in the amount of US$200,000.00.  The supplies were requested by local hospitals and included Personal Protective Equipment such as latex gloves, gowns, face shields, face masks and shoe covers,which were presented by Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company Human Resource/Pac Manager Atty. Gabriel Johnson who proxy for  Mr. Seth Adu-Baah, Country Manager.


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