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DJ Blue Promoting LIB Artists with Int’l Video Mix

In a one-day classical performance by top Liberian turntable maestro DJ blue, ended the first international video mix with success, at the Royal Plus club.
According to DJ Blue, the show was the official launching of the self-sponsored Liberia International Video Mix to be done across the fifteen counties.
He said the show aimed to give the public the opportunity to see some of the artists whose songs are on the video mix performing live.

Dr. Syrulwa Somah

Profile of a True Son of the Soil Dr. Syrulwa Somah

The outstanding contribution of Dr. Syrulwa Somah to make Liberians to return to the culture and value of our tradition, so as to give us an identity through literary works, is a reminder that Liberia has had 4000 years of civilization.

Liberia has a terrible reputation of underrating its own cultural identity over borrowed ones. This is evidence by the lack of a national cultural festival among her tribes. The Poro and Sande Schools served this nation as university of discipline and character excellence before the arrival of western education.

Puppeteers, Ma Eva and her traditional elephant puppet

From Reality To Success

When Eva Paye decided to engage into visual art, a field largely dominated by men, she might have been aware of how huge this task was, but with hope she managed to achieve her dream.

It has been her childhood vision as a self-taught artist to keep the value of her culture alive and in the minds of the younger generation.

Quincy B: “This is the first time I’m in love and don’t know how to express it...”

Quincy B Is ‘Crazy in Love’

Young Liberian Afro, Pop and R& B hits maker Quincy L Burrowes, aliased Quincy B, will in three weeks drop his latest single, “Crazy In love”. It opens with a rollicking tune and has a better use of instruments.  

Its most glamorous phrase, “I’m goin’ crazy”, creates a deep impression, though the real message lies in the song. Produced by Quincy B himself, now just 21, the artist’s vocal ability is prolific; he sings in variety of genres and has attracted fans and admires from all walks of life.

Paul Flomo in Things!

Isaac Sunday Sieh, dubbed the funniest comedian now in Liberia, was the proud recipient of the keys to a sweet-smelling Nissan Altima, courtesy of Platinum Entertainment Production, in recognition for his hard work, dedication, and humility.


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