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Q&A with Margaret Cephas The Quiet Star


It seems like a large door was opened for Margret Mamuchi Cephas, commonly known as Maggie, after her show-stopping performance during MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2013. Though the shy but talented teenager did not win, she took 2nd place, leaving some very robust singers behind. What was expected afterwards was to see her release track after track like most artists would (and should) on the momentum of such achievement. Many also searched their radio dials to hear the unique star brag over her next endeavor; but neither was done.

Gowned in majestic cloaks, Georgia O. Holder, Selassie Mends-Cole, (both center) and another veteran actress (left) were certificated by Mrs. Ballout (far right) for their roles in the industry (photo Nick N. Seebeh)

Van, Eddie Watson and Frank Artus pose for photo on the red carpet (Photo credit Nick Seegbeh)

Winners pose with their awards on red carpet

LNMA 2017: Six Things You May Have Missed from the Ceremony

The inaugural edition of the Liberia National Movie Awards has ended with lots of surprises and talking points. From ‘Deadly Twin’ winning the Best Film category to news of E. Owusu Dahnsaw losing to Melvin G. Melvin, who was considered an underdog for the Best Actor category, shock was also the word in the mouths of many people at the Monrovia City Hall.
Like Melvin, Linda Bassie triumphed in the Best Female Comedian category by defeating film heavyweight Mamie Kamara (Dugobormor Ma). Although she was not present to pick up her award, the win was indeed a shocker.

Sonie and Eric Geso

Has Eric Geso Ditched His Manager?

Catchy colloquia singer Eric Geso has ditched his manager Sonie Grant, according to multiples sources.

Speaking to LIB Life, sources said for the past four and half weeks, the artist has neither communicated with nor responded to Sonie, “which clear shows that he no longer feels comfortable working with her.”

To make matters worse, Eric released a single more than a week ago without her knowledge, “which has never be done before since she signed him,” our sources added.

Madam Gbowee says no one should despise his or her humble beginning

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) will today begin the celebration of its fifth birth anniversary in Monrovia.

The event, which is expected to run from today, February 16, to Saturday February 18, is expected to bring together Liberians from diverse backgrounds including renowned activist Etweda Cooper, the student community and Ghanaian author/activist, Ama Ata Aidoo.

Night scene at the Roberts International Airport

Liberia’s airport restores aeronautical ground lighting systems, assures safety

The management of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) says it has fully restored the electrical power to the Aeronautical Ground Lighting systems at the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

In a press release, LAA said the restoration of the system on Wednesday February 8, 2017, followed intense repair works on the affected portion of cabling, which developed a glitch during the past week.


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