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Q&A with Margaret Cephas The Quiet Star


It seems like a large door was opened for Margret Mamuchi Cephas, commonly known as Maggie, after her show-stopping performance during MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2013. Though the shy but talented teenager did not win, she took 2nd place, leaving some very robust singers behind. What was expected afterwards was to see her release track after track like most artists would (and should) on the momentum of such achievement. Many also searched their radio dials to hear the unique star brag over her next endeavor; but neither was done.

Eugenia Jelani Live in Jazz Concert

Eugenia Jelani, a Liberian jazz vocalist with a smooth, sultry and unique soprano voice, will be live in a one-day concert at the start of the weekend.

The jazz singer, whose unique voice allows an extensive repertoire of jazz, gospel and contemporary songs to which she adds her own style that can hold anyone down to their last breath, has been singing since her days at Cuttington University.

As a singer who can sing in Greek, Spanish and some African languages, Eugenia’s songs tell stories of love and life.

Talent and the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos

You will have to hold on to the closest thing to you if you plan on watching the Top 100 Liberian/African culture music videos on your TV and DVD players!

Liberia has a population of over 4 million that has over the years showcased attractive, universal and interesting music to go with its growing population. Liberian artists and entertainers alike have used their talents to showcase the beauty of ‘Mama Liberia.’

Legendary Hipco rapper Prakash Bestman

Documenting Hipco

Since 2000, the sound of hipco music has improved greatly with quality songs being released in and out of Liberia. Hipco, which grew from the crumbling ghettos and slum communities of Monrovia and its environs, has defied the odds to remain the popular music genre in Liberia, and serving as the medium through which rappers speak against societal ills, including injustice and corruption.

Against this background, legendary hipco rapper Prakash Bestman has worked behind the scenes to produce the first ever documentary on the birth of hipco music.

Outgoing Assistant Minister for Culture, Louise McMillian

An Ode to Min. McMillian Leaving Office

The final days of Louise McMillian, Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural affairs and Tourism, is near.

As Culture Minister since 2012, Min. McMillian came to the position at a time when the nation was facing its worst national identity crisis, including the lack of a clear strategy to promote and safeguard its cultural and traditional values for future generations.


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