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Eric Geso’s Manager and DJ Flexz Split: What Really Went Down With Their Business Relationship…

The once solid relationship that existed between Sonie Grant, the manager of Eric Geso, and disc jockey Michael Smith, who booked the singer for a two month tour in Australia last year, has ended in chaos.

The news of the split between the two shocked many fans, especially considering the then strong relationship that appeared unbreakable.

The pair could, however, not stop the breakup, which came as a result of Michael Smith, alias DJ Flexz, saying that he never had a US$7,000 deal with Sonie Grant.


It was a great relief to finally have a Miss Liberia. After a four year hiatus, the show ended well; at least not with the conflict of interest that categorized the last event when the organizers had one winner and the judges another. That was in 2012. This time around there was a clear cut winner, without any talk of foul play.

Liberian actor Artus Frank

“Artus Frank Was Not Kicked Out”

An aide to Liberian actor Artus Frank has denied reports that the actor was kicked out of Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson’s hotel in that county.

The aide said Senator Johnson never ejected Frank from his guesthouse as reported, but opted to refuse Frank’s payment for his stay at the hotel because of the actor’s relationship with Representative Edwin Snowe, who plans to run for a representative seat in Bomi.

But the inference is that Sen. Johnson’s refusal of Frank’s payment amounts to being asked to leave.

Mr. Yuan and his family

Harry Yuan Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Even though the age of Methuselah was not as significant as the wisdom of King Solomon to serve the people of Israel, longevity is a cherished experience for those who are blessed to enjoy it.

And to the delight of over 100 friends, family members and relatives, Mr. Harry T. Yuan, a father, uncle, grandfather, and a public servant, celebrated his 75th birth anniversary on Friday December 30, 2016 in grand style at the Heaven Lounge on Snapper Hill, Benson Street, Monrovia.

‘Very Important Music’

Let’s admit it, if you’re an artist and you’re looking for a way to be discovered and want to do it on a platform that is a vehicle for discovery, what do you do? Get your song (s) on a playlist, I would say.

A recent statement coming from HottFm and Blue Link Records’ managing Director Bernard ‘DJ Blue’ Benson, emphasized on how playlists are “a big way to build a song’s popularity and (an) artist’s career.”


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