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The author in West Point Township—his ‘spiritual’ home

From the Set of “Providence”

“Roll starrrt,” Director Roger ‘Bobb’ called out to his cast. He’s in a red and white striped short-sleeve shirt, a blue jeans pants and sneakers. The call is an order for total silence before action begins.

“Rooolling!” the cameraman responded, which implies obedience to the director’s order.




Three Fruits in Liberia Good for Your Health

Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic, is blessed with so many things from s beautiful coastline to half of the remaining West African rainforest, which contains some species that just cannot be found anywhere else in Africa.

Liberia is rich in heritage, wildlife, culture, and a huge potential in ecotourism. But do you also know that Liberia is rich in many exotic tropical fruits that are good for your health, and that they are abundant and easy to get?

Below is the list of exotic fruits you should definitely eat while in Liberia.

DopeMusic, Dope Mix

Not yet old enough to be called a veteran, DopeMusic Empire has claimed an interesting spot in most conversations as one of the most talked about Liberian imprints in the industry.

Made up of SB Taylor, a young entrepreneur and co-owner of DopeMusic Empire, R&B sensation Jodi Clark and rapper Baby Eye, these three guys have Atlanta and continents talking.

Recently, Baby Eye, who is also co-owner of DopeMusic, formed by him and his brother SB and much later, Jodi Clark, did a collabo with Atlanta’s promising rap star Lil Scrappy called ‘Rih Rih.’

Four Reasons Why Most Upcoming Liberian Artists Fail to Blow Up

There is certainly no doubt about this. Every day, Liberia’s struggling music industry receives loads of songs from upcoming artists who dream of making it big with their singles.

However, many of these songs fail to hit or make an impact; and in most cases, two or three weeks is enough for them to die a natural death.

This must be frustrating for these hopeful artists, taking into consideration the time and money involved. Yet, this happens because of the reasons given below, listed as “four reasons why most upcoming Liberian artists fail to blow.”

Some of Meskora’s designs

On the rise: The other Side of Meskora

Ever since prominent photographer Meskora Amoussou launched her fashion line, she has managed to beat the odds to stay on top of her game despite several challenges. The 23 year old fashion designer, whose designs are inspired by her African heritage and textiles, reaches across to women of all shapes and sizes and has received rave reviews for quality.

We caught up with Meskora to talk about what led her into fashion and many more others issues.

LIB Life: How did you get involved in fashion? What was the process like? Was it challenging? If yes, how so?


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