When your modest peace intervention programme gives rise to potential peace advocates, know that you have made a mark. This week concludes our month long peace summer camp. The one month peace summer camp has taught us many things. It has taught us humility, hard work, passion and commitment. More importantly, we have come to recognize that young people thrives in an open environment of willing participants all action in good faith and governed by clear rules of engagement. A child or youth friendly environment is where every serious and peace loving group should aspire to establish.


The camp is too short, they all echoed but the Camp Managers as well as sponsors are elated that the camp is coming to a close. Funding for camp activities made possible through the support from Center for Women Faith and Leadership (CWL), at the Institute for Global Engagement Programme, USA and generous contributions from individual peace advocates both locally and from the International donor community is fast running out and all for a good purpose.


The world is in turmoil and our quest for global peace not only becomes challenging but needs to be intensified. Last week again and like the week before it, the world experienced yet others forms of extreme violence carried out by young people in their teens.

In Liberia, young people read and hear of the horrific killings of innocent people in France, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan Syria and Somalia and we continue to give instructions at our peace summer camp on the need for non- violence.


In the wake of the horrific incident in Nice, France where there was a spectacular attack on innocent civilians with significant fatality on vulnerable and the attempted Coup d’état of July 15 in Turkey where over 50, 000 persons have been arrested and almost two hundred killed following a post-putsch purge.

The world, more than ever before is reminded of the need for peace. There could be no better time in our history for peace advocates and the mantle of engagement falls squarely on the shoulders of young people.

Gwendolyn S. Myers


Against the backdrop of UNMIL imminent departure, the country is once again pressure for peace. Rightly so, opinions are divided among the young people of Liberia, who are rather apprehensive of what the future holds post UNMIL; given the lack of a tangible education, training and empowerment programme.


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