Something to Remember about America's First Lady

Meeting the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, her mother, madam Marian Shields Robinson, and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, for the first time was breathtaking for many who have only dreamt of seeing them in person.

Upon their arrival at the Roberts International airport on June 27 at about 12:50 p.m., they were received by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and several officials of government including Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassel, Minister of Education George Werner, Rep. Munnah Pelham Youngblood, Cultural

Student from Kakata

You May Not know My Future, But Will Always Remember My Voice

Educating a girl child has its challenges, like making sure they have a uniform to wear that fits the standards of all the other girls in her school, making sure that she is groomed well enough not to be afraid to stand up in class to answer the question she's sure she has the answer to; and also making sure that when her menstruation period comes, she has sanitary pads that will not embarrass her with the big round red dot that is sometimes seen on the back of a teen’s uniform skirt once every four weeks.

Madam Patmilia Doe Paivey

Students of Gray D Allison and members of PPAYO

The Welfare of Youth and Children Should be Prioritized

The founder and executive director of the Media Women Center for Democracy and Development (MEWOCEDE), Mrs. Patmilia Doe Paivey, is calling on the Government of Liberia to take concrete steps towards the implementation of goal number 4 of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development (GASD 2030).

A story of Escape, Rescue and Subjection

(Subject unknown)

This story is one that I have not been able to get off my mind, because it is mine and it has caused me to willingly stay away from men for the past 10 to 15 years.

I tell this story with no passion because I don't get excited thinking about it, or overwhelmed that it happened to me. I just want to tell this story without emotions and any attachment whatsoever so I won't have to remember what it felt like to be rescued only to be enslaved, beaten and abused by so many men.


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