A young girl fetches water from a stream after walking further away her home

‘Collecting Water is Often a Colossal Waste of Time for Women’ – UNICEF

UNICEF says the 200 million hours women and girls spend every day; collecting water is a colossal waste of their valuable time. As World Water Week gets underway in Stockholm and experts gather to try to improve the world’s access to water, the UN children’s agency stressed that the opportunity cost of lack of access to water disproportionately falls on women, according to a press release.

6 year-old Abass

3 year-old Vamba Sheriff, photo posted by Honorable Saah Joseph

A Toxic Mix-up

Two little boys, three years apart and living miles away from one another, have sustained serious and life threatening internal injuries after drinking a toxic mix- up they did not know was not drinking water. Since then, both boys have been in an unimaginable state of pain, hospital visits, chronic malnutrition, failed attempts at medical treatment and uncertainties.

"My son was thirsty when at a neighbor’s he took the cup that had the (caustic) soda inside and drank it," stated Abass’ father.

Helen Gardeah and Muffittee Panma, two of the fourteen trafficked Liberian women taken to Lebanon and later rescued “were told that our case was thrown out for a technicality against our lawyers by the 11th Circuit Court in Tubmanburg.”

They Were Promised Justice

The number of Liberians who feel let down by their justice system is alarming. Many public defenders are more than likely lawyers who do not make it their duty to fight tooth and nail to win their cases. And as a result cases such as murder, rape and the recent saga of 14 abused women, who did not, as far as they are concerned, did not get justice.

In the case of Governments versus Debes, fourteen young Liberian women were allegedly taken to Lebanon by Abass EL Debes, who is accused of being the ‘master mind’ behind what many traffickers are getting rich off of - women and girls.

Miatta Kiawu-Cojolo: “We need resources to build human capacity to tackle pre-natal problems.”

PPAL Launches Reproductive Health Service

The Rapid Response Mechanism Project aimed at strengthening community involvement in sexual reproductive health services known as family planning (FP2020) has been officially launched in Monrovia.

According to a press release, Dr. Joseph L. Kerkula, director of Family Health Division at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, who served as the chief launcher, underscored the need for a comprehensive approach in addressing the infant and maternal issues in Liberia

A cross-section of the participants at the end of the seminar

50 Saclepea Women Complete 1st RHRAP Training

At least 50 rural women in Saclepea District, Nimba County have completed a 14 day training in the first of a series of seminars to make more of the women become aware of their roles in the electoral process and peace building in their respective communities.

The training which lasted from July 24 to August 8, is funded by Finn Church Aid and implemented by the Rural Human Rights Activists Program (RHRAP) in collaboration with Saclepea Women, a local non-governmental organization.


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