Beans, rice and grains serve as a source of income for Liberian market women.

Market Women in the Spotlight: Part 2

Three weeks ago, the Observer Women’s Desk made a promise to feature market women every time this column is printed. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems at our desk, we could not highlight the importance of these women in society for the past two weeks.

Women Want Liberia to be the Best in Arts, Craft, and Cultural Activities

Unemployment is an issue discussed in every corner in Liberia. From the ataye shops, to the heart of all communities, unemployment has claimed the attention of many women are committed to standing up and fighting against it by engaging in arts and crafts, cultural activities and the preparation of ethnic foods.

The country is now to a point where women are no longer dependent on men to support them. They no longer sit in their homes waiting for their husbands. They have risen to the occasion and decided to use their hands to become self-employed.

Women and Family Year End Review

As we close the door on 2013, we must pause to reflect on stories that were discussed this past year on the Women and Family Page. Even as the President of Liberia has made it her top priority to combat violence and abuse against women, men still find it difficult to accept that women remain important to every society.

In our different topics, we looked at different activities of women around Liberia and how their actions benefit them. We also took our time to retrospect on how important women empowerment can better the nation in all aspects.

The Art of Cuisine 2

The Observer’s former Women and Family Columnist, Miss Fatoumata Nabie Fofana wrote the first version of this article on February 6th of this year.

In her last edition, it was revealed that ‘cooking is an art’ that must be practiced by every African woman.

In western countries, a woman not knowing how to cook does not tend to mean as much as it does here in Africa.

Beans, rice and grain a source of living for Liberian market women (Rally Time Market on UN Drive)

Market Women at Rally Time Market on UN Drive

Market Women: The Backbone of the Liberian Economy

Despite the challenges they face on a daily basis, women have continued to play a vital role in every sector of the country. Women have contributed in different ways in relation to development and helping to reduce the high rate of poverty in the country.

This week in our Women & Family section we focus on market women and some of the challenges they face in gathering their produce for the market.


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