The Stigma behind the Question “Are you gay?”

Ma Tee is always asked this question more often than usual: “Are you a lesbian?”

Maybe it’s her dress code; she likes dressing like a boy. As a result she finds herself dressing more “boy-ish” than like a girl. Although she is the first to tell you she is a natural tomboy, but whenever people stare at Ma Tee and start whispering before the question pops up again, she always politely responds: “No, I am not gay.”

Akon Shared More Then Light. He Shared Hope

“I will do what I never did before, and that’s perform”

Ganta – During his recent visit to Ganta, a place of new developments, recent road infrastructure, busy business venues and a youth population that finds it hard to land jobs, money to further their education or a voice to relate their needs, Akon was able to connect with them through what he does best - perform and motivate.

Before doing the former, he had this to say: “I want to help you to be that voice to make sure that everything that you need in your area is done. But the communication has to be very clear.

FGM Damage Girls’ Health

The recent report launched by the government of Liberia (GOL) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has indentified the practice of the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced marriage and other practices as factors that were undermining the health and rights of girls.

The State of World Population 2016 report released on October 20 also stated that, “it’s threatening the world’s ambitious development agenda with strong warning from UNFPA to have such practices abolished to protect the rights of women and their health.”

Mr. Josephus Weeks hugging hospital officials in the United States

What Does the Thomas Eric Duncan Scholarship Mean for Liberia?

Scholarships are set up for many reasons, like to honor a loved one or to benefit a specific set of people. Whatever the reason, scholarships are meant to brighten the future of those who are awarded.

The late Thomas Eric Duncan Scholarship Award has been launched, awarding eight young and qualified scholars an opportunity to be trained in areas of the medical field that Liberia lacks. And the scholarship intends to last forever, training all health practitioners to handle services that are scarce in Liberia.


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