Focusing on What’s Being Rebuilt Rather than Broken

Its New Years, 2017 and a couple of people in Liberia have decided that rather than focus on changing a habit or two that they couldn’t drop in 2016, they’ll focus on finishing something that has been important for them to complete, like living.

“A few years ago I felt a lump in my stomach and since then I have always been depressed, thinking about when it will kill me. This New Year, I want to look beyond that and focus on living, because all along I have been living though trapped in my thoughts,” stated Mou Mou, a resident of Point Four Junction.

Women toting products to sell: “We didn’t make any profit or even the money that we spent to buy the goods this season.”

Hard Times for Holiday Sellers This Year

“Aaa God, my money left in my market o!” the woman cried as people sat around sympathizing with her.

This holiday season, many Liberian market women brought bundles of clothes, toys and cheap ‘seasonal’ imports to sell. Many say they spent as much as US$150, expecting back at least US$300 in profit. But to their surprise, they did not make the profit or even reap the initial capital.

According to business and merchandise sellers around Duala market on the northern edge of Monrovia, the rise in the currency exchange have caused prices of commodities to go up as well.

Max (in blue and white striped shirt) and Redemption Hospital workers receive items for the Christmas holiday to sick children.

Papa Santa Brings Smiles Back to the Less Fortunate

Over a week ago, Maxson Kpakio, Founder/CEO of Wales Liberia Connect-UK was involved in a three car accident along 72nd junction.

With no injuries and a massive bill of more than US$2,000 for damages resulting from him losing control and slamming his car into the one ahead of him, which subsequently slammed into the car ahead, Max, also known as Max Mixer, a popular radio broadcaster on Radio LIB, and others walked out of the accident without a scratch.

The Disabled Teen the 16 Days of Activism Missed

Several months ago, our reporter walked in on a very disturbing scene of a disabled teen being manhandled and sexually assaulted by a psychotic man – a man everyone in the community is afraid of because of his ‘out of control’ nature.

Unfortunately, he preyed on a vulnerable girl who has been living near the seaside in New Kru Town since her family left her alone to wander about. Since then, she has been unable to find her way back to a place her memory cannot recall.

The Jingle of Melody When Your Are Full

A couple of years ago some artists, like “LIB Ladies” hit maker G-Rize and “Kolo” hit maker Black Diamond, came together and decided to feed the homeless and mentally disabled in Monrovia during the Christmas season.

Warm homemade dishes wrapped in aluminum were all the less fortunate received on Christmas that year, with a promise that more would follow. But under the blank stares of many who received a plate, you could feel something, something like a love song.


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