The pothole right after crossing Caldwell Bridge that has killed over four people, injured dozens and left one man paralyzed. “The government needs to do something before another life is lost,” stated LNP officers of Zone 7, Caldwell

The Killer Pothole

A few months ago, a popular doctor from Redemption hospital lost his only son, Michael, after he collided with a speeding vehicle trying to dodge one of the most deadly potholes in Caldwell. During 2016, four people lost their lives and many others were severely injured as a result of this pothole.

Witnesses have confirmed that all of the accidents that occurred at the pothole were caused by drivers trying to dodge it. In Michael’s case, he died on the spot.

Madam Massaquoi: Many cases of teenage pregnancy have caused maternal mortality.

Educate Children on Family Planning

As efforts to minimize teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality in Liberia continue, the Officer in Charge (OIC) of Banjor Clinic, Madam Christiana Massaqoui, has urged parents to educate their children about the importance of family planning.

Madam Massaqoui was speaking over the weekend at the National Empowerment Program for Women and Girls (NEP) sponsored by Oxfam in partnership with Action Aid Liberia.

She explained that “there are many cases of teenage pregnancy which is the cause of the high rate of maternal mortality.

Do Not Take Law into Your Own Hands

There has been an increasing worry about community dwellers and groups of people, including children, joining in on the chaos of mobbing those who are accused of stealing or raping. Over and over again the Liberian National Police have pleaded with community dwellers ‘not to take the law into their own hands.’

On many occasions bodies of those beaten to death have surfaced in the wee hours of the morning in the aftermath of mob violence. Many innocent people have also become victims of such crude ‘injustice’ thus causing them to lose their limbs.

Wokie Dolo on stage in her traditional warrior outfit

After she was announced winner of the Miss Liberia beauty pageant.

Nimba’s Wokie Dolo Crowned Miss Liberia

The contestant from Nimba County, Wokie Dolo, has emerged as winner of the nation’s most glamorous and prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Liberia. According to the judges, she outperformed her fellow competitors with her poise, confidence and intelligence.

Dolo, managed to steal the show with her traditional warrior outfit, which served her well in her quest for the title. However, the first and second runners-up, Tina F. Nyunkor and Goretti L. Itoka from Lofa and Maryland Counties respectively, were the only contestants that seriously challenged Wokie for the title.

His Resolution is to Smile again

Walking home this evening, I ran into a little boy, Obadious (o-bah-dee-ous) and his mother Ruth Gaye, hurriedly rushing past me; the child was in serious pain. His facial expression churned my stomach. I couldn’t imagine what this child was experiencing inside.

I called the pair over and as they approached, a tear rolled down Obadious swollen jaw from his also swollen eye. I brushed a finger across the area and told him,” sorry yey,”

He nodded and hummed, “mm.”

Instantly his mother became my friend and began explaining what was going on with my new friend.


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