Please Help Save Zinnah’s Life

With fluctuations in commodity prices and the rise in bills, rent, school fees and the standard of living, everything seems uncertain and baffling.

There have been many SOS calls by dozens of parents who want to save their sick or ailing children in the past year, and one of them is Philip Zinnah, Jr., a five year old boy whose life is hanging by the thread.

He is presently in a very bad state, with his ability to urinate cut off and death lurking if he is not treated further as suggested by the Catholic Hospital, where he sits restrained.

The Next Step in Saving Genevieve’s Life

It has been a tough two weeks trying to get all the necessary requirements in place to prepare Genevieve for her trip to Ghana.

There have been challenges, tears as Genevieve awaits her removal from the ELWA Hospital.

So, how is Genevieve?

The medical report by ELWA hospital has since been released and it confirmed that Genevieve would have to be taken to Ghana for an EMG and muscle biopsy by a neurologist. Presently, this newspaper has contacted the hospital to which Genevieve would have to be taken and is waiting to speak with the doctor directly.

Ms. Genevieve, before and after

Donate to Help Genevieve Get Medical Treatment in Ghana

Ms. Genevieve has spent the past four days at the ELWA Hospital with the quick intervention of this newspaper and Hazem Harb, co-CEO of HottFm 107.9.

Presently, she is still the same, sick young woman, partially paralyzed from neck down and in urgent need of further medical attention not available in the country.

According to the doctor that has attended to her since she was admitted, Genevieve is suffering from a serious muscle infection and doctors are unable to state its cause.

Her Body is Slowly Dying

Genevieve Stemn of Caldwell was an active young lady, serious about her education, family, friends, social media life, and life as a whole. She seemed to have a promising future ahead of her.

having some minor stiffness in her thighs and weakness in her legs, Genevieve seemed okay.

Then one day in July 2016, the then 21 year-old ran home complaining seriously that she had eaten ‘acheke’ that had too much pepper. It was then that her life began to slowly wither away.

The pothole right after crossing Caldwell Bridge that has killed over four people, injured dozens and left one man paralyzed. “The government needs to do something before another life is lost,” stated LNP officers of Zone 7, Caldwell

The Killer Pothole

A few months ago, a popular doctor from Redemption hospital lost his only son, Michael, after he collided with a speeding vehicle trying to dodge one of the most deadly potholes in Caldwell. During 2016, four people lost their lives and many others were severely injured as a result of this pothole.

Witnesses have confirmed that all of the accidents that occurred at the pothole were caused by drivers trying to dodge it. In Michael’s case, he died on the spot.


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