Weird News

Nanny Goat in Custody

The Buchanan City Court in Grand Bassa County is holding a nanny goat in custody while two men claim ownership of the animal.
The plaintiff, identified as Amadu Jalloh, a resident of Kilby Street in Buchanan City, complained to the court that on December 29, 2014, one Harris Luke unlawfully stole his white-striped brown and black nanny goat.

The ‘unconcious’ family of five in their compound

5 Found Unconscious in Zeon Town, ELWA Community

A state of confusion and fear overcame residents of Zeon Town in the ELWA Community yesterday morning when five members of a family were found lying  unconscious in their windowless, one-bedroom house.

The house has no windows and only a front door, but in there lived five family members.

Neighbors in the immediate vicinity attributed their condition to poor ventilation, while others are convinced that an evil spirit or witchcraft had visited them that night.

Man Drops Dead in the Street

On Monday, a man identified only as Old Man Tullay dropped dead as he walked towards Miami Beach, Mamba Point.

Eye witnesses, who observed the man walking at a normal pace said that as he approached Nelson Street towards Miami Beach, he suddenly fell face down onto the pavement.

“The man was just walking and then the next minute, he dropped flat on his face. There was no warning sign at all” exclaimed Michael Swaray, a bystander.

The man, who was not properly identified at the time, is said to have relatives living in Monrovia.

Man, 40, Commits Suicide in Yekepa

A 40-year-old man has committed suicide in Yekepa, Nimba County, after experiencing a strange illness for which he had been seeking treatment.

The man, on January 17, 2015 at about 8 p.m. local time took his own life with his single barrel gun in his bed room in the area “L” community of Yekepa.

The cause of the incident is yet to be established, but an eyewitness said prior to taking his own life, the man wrote a note saying that nobody was responsible for his death.


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