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Trokon, bathed with fresh milk in an attempt to revive him yesterday

Electric Shock Put 2 Lives in Danger

The heroic attempt by nineteen year old Edward Grimes, popularly known as Trokon, to remove live electric wires from his unconscious boss, Charles Swaray, yesterday ended in tragedy, when both men were rushed to the JFK Medical Center.

Grimes, a former student of the Newport Junior High School, was also unconscious when neighbors rushed him to the JFK, eye-witnesses told the Daily Observer.

Charles Swaray, 28, of Warren Street, a father of two girls and a boy, is the owner of a power generator for his cold water business, neighbor Robert Garway told the Daily Observer.

The pool of water the kids drowned in; the bucket of clothes which they took for washing when they met their demise.

Two Girls Drown in Ganta

As the rainy season approaches, news of tragic deaths involving drowning has surfaced in Nimba County.

On Saturday, there were two separate drowning cases involving three persons, including two teenage girls and an elderly man.

Two little girls, ages 10 and 11 drowned in a pool of water in the vicinity of Ganta, precisely in the LPRC Community.

They were identified as Mamie Koleh 10, and Darling Girl Koleh, 11. According to reports the girls left their LPRC home to wash their clothes at a nearby pool a few yards from their house.

4 Day Old Baby Abandoned

A 4-day old baby boy was last Wednesday night found abandoned near a septic tank in Cooper Farm near Newport Street in Monrovia. The baby was reportedly discovered at 10:29p.m.

 In a telephone interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, resident Paul Gibson, who has resided in the community for the last 14 years, said the baby was found lying down near the septic tank on the cold ground, sucking his fingers.”

 He said the shouts of a neighbor, identified only as Varney, who came across the baby, drew his attention.

(R) The lifeless body of Abraham surrounded by onlookers

UN Vehicle Kills Shoe Shiner

A 29-year-old shoe shiner, only identified as Abraham, a Guinean national, died instantly at about midday yesterday when an UNMIL Jeep bearing license plate #1521 skidded off the main road and killed him while he was attending to a customer.

The incident happened as onlookers ran helter-shelter for their lives.

According to eyewitnesses, the UN vehicle was previously parked by the operator at the intersection of McDonald and Camp Johnson road, but suddenly it rolled down in reverse and killed Abraham.

Man, 42, Sentenced to Death

The Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County on February 25 sentenced a man believed to be in his mid-40s to death by hanging for killing four persons.

According to the court record, the convict, Arthur Duahn, in October last year intentionally set ablaze a house in the Nimba County border town of Loguatuo, leading to the death of his four step children that were asleep.


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