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Partial View of Some Destroyed and damaged Houses in Jarkaken Town, River Gee County

Rainstorm Renders 2000 Homeless

The rainstorm that struck the town of Jarkaken in River Gee County on Wednesday April 22 rendered 2,500 people homeless.

The rainstorm also damaged 97 houses 16 of which were completely destroyed.

The report also indicated that some vital religious and educational institutions were extensively damaged or  destroyed.

Affected institutions included  a six classroom annex to the Kaytoken Elementary and Junior High School, Christ United Church, God United Methodist Church and the Liberia Lutheran Church.

The victims after their bodies were brought out of the river

Pregnant Mother, 6 yr-old Son Drown in Nimba

A lady, believed to be seven months pregnant, and her six year old son, last Thursday lost their lives by drowning in the St. John River near Duo Town on the boundary with Bong County.

According to the Liberia National Police, the lady, along with four children, was washing clothes on the bank of the river.  They were from the nearby village called Yorpea within the locality of Duo Town Meinpea Mah Administrative District.

The lady, Theresa Mahnpea, 30 and her son Kiapah Saye, 6, got drowned a few meters right of the bridge linking Nimba and Bong near Duo Town.

Photo Credit: Google.

‘Son’s Murderer Is Also a ‘Rapist’

A surprising story has emerged regarding the true identity of the father of a 10 year-old Liberian boy, Barway Collins, whose body was found April 11 in the Mississippi River in Brooklyn Center in the United States.

  Barway’s father, Pierre Collins of Crystal, Minnesota, has ever since been considered the prime suspect in the murder of his son as a result of tangible evidence in the possession of Minnesota State security authorities. He is charged with second-degree murder, according to information reaching the Daily Observer.

Ms. Alfred and Mr. Sonpon Weah at Site of the Fire

Fire Destroys 5 Zinc Houses in New Kru Town

A fire outbreak, apparently caused by an unattended candle, last Saturday consumed five zinc houses in New Kru Town, rendering several families homeless and unspecified amounts of Liberian and US dollars destroyed.

 The incident took place about 10:30 p.m., according to landlord Mr. D. Sonpon Weah, who told journalists that he suspected the cause of the fire to be an unattended candle or a cigarette.


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