The Love Tree gets its name from stories told of many couples whose relationships had gone through severe tests and trials and found healing.

A Tree in Dimeh ‘Heals Broken Love’

True story; or so they say. But you may need to see it yourself to believe. Somewhere in Bomi County, there is a tree that is said to have the power to heal broken relationships. For all the Valentine’s Day hopefuls out there, this story offers sweet but sober reflection from the sagely pages of Liberia’s cultural heritage.

Sunset over the St. Paul River at Louisiana (Photo: Robert Saint Pe)

Budget Shortfall? Go Tourism

The wind tickled my armpits as I stretched my arms while the bike sped on the Chinese built road in the township of Caldwell. The road and Chinese imported solar street lights have resuscitated this once sleepy township from the brink of boredom. With the exception of the towering skyscrapers and bright lights, this township is bustling with people as businesses sprout up like grass from the soil.

One of the structures constructed by NIBATT 22 UNMIL near the Blue Lake

Blue Lake

My Visit to Tubmanburg City & Blue Lake

In one of the Liberian government’s most impressive moves, the Liberia Maritime Authority and other related agencies joined together to reclaim the beaches and waterways of communities around Monrovia. The project got underway in 2010 and despite many challenges it has been able to sustain nearly 1,900 Liberians in the slum communities where it was established.

Today, the beaches in New Kru Town, West Point, ELWA and Mamba Point are visited by families and their healthy environments provide children with places to enjoy their weekends.

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