A Data Center We Can Be Proud Of

Despite the progress made in Liberia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, there are just a few locations that we can refer to as data centers. We have server rooms or Main Distribution Facilities/Frames (MDFs) or Intermediate Distribution Facilities/Frames (IDFs) where servers are stored along with networking equipment. But the real data center facility to host real enterprise servers are either not available or just not a ubiquitous phenomenon.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and WARCIP/Liberia Send A Five-Person Team To Ghana on An E-Government Study Tour

Many countries in West African have begun turning to ICT to conduct government business as they seek to improve service delivery to their citizens, eliminate the manual distribution of documents especially among top officials and boost confidence in the public sector. The use of ICT to provide information and deliver services to citizens, businesses and other government entities is referred to as Electronic Government e-Government. Electronic Government or eGovernment has become sine qua non to economic development.

Children’s Use of the Internet in Liberia: Why We Should be Concerned.

In Liberia, and the world over, many parents do not pay attention to their children’s access and use of the Internet; whether it is via their phone or on a computer. A lot of parents in Liberia are not cognizant of the fact that their children have social network (Facebook) accounts which they use for inappropriate activities. They (parents) also are not aware of the possibility of their children/teens being enticed (both men and women) into inappropriate activities (soliciting sex online) on the Internet.


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