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BlueCrest University College Internationally Accredited Programs

BlueCrest University College, accredited by the National Commission (NCHE) on Higher Education as a degree granting institution has introduced varieties of internationally accredited programs, aimed to produce professional who will be competent in terms of academic excellence with professional hands on. BlueCrest has partnered with NIIT, world’s largest IT education provider from India which has more than 5,000 centers in more than 40 countries with more than 5 million students across the globe.

A Data Center We Can Be Proud Of

Despite the progress made in Liberia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, there are just a few locations that we can refer to as data centers. We have server rooms or Main Distribution Facilities/Frames (MDFs) or Intermediate Distribution Facilities/Frames (IDFs) where servers are stored along with networking equipment. But the real data center facility to host real enterprise servers are either not available or just not a ubiquitous phenomenon.


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