The Urgent Need for a National Electronic Health (National eHealth) Strategy for Liberia. A Lesson from the Ebola Outbreak

Last week I was part of a four-man delegation that attended the West Africa Regional Workshop on the Development of National eHealth Strategy in Abuja, Nigeria. The workshop was hosted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the World Health Organization (WHO), ICT4Health Nigeria, and the Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria. It (the workshop) provided participating West African countries insight into the development and implementation of a National eHealth strategy.

Technologies That Work Well In Political Campaigns

Technology has always played an important role in campaigning. From using bullhorns in neighborhoods and radio and television broadcast to reach voters, to robocalls, cellphones, websites, the social media, etc. No doubt, efficient and smart use of technology in campaigning can give candidates a competitive advantage all the way to the ballot box. In modern political campaigns, understanding technology translates into being able to better understand people, and there are a few technologies that have become crucial.

Liberia’s E-Government Initiatives

In my last article on e-government, I defined and discussed e-government and the stages involved in achieving it, according to the studies by the United Nations, The World Bank, Gartner Group, et al. I also referenced Liberia’s ranking in the 2014 UN E-government Survey based on what is considered the country’s de facto national website: e-Mansion.Gov.Lr. I then went on to list the benefits of e-government as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

The Need for a National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

As Liberia endeavors to revamp its education sector, there will be a need for a National Education Technology Plan (NETP) requiring the integration of technology in all schools in order to prepare the new generation of Liberians for the challenges of the 21st century. This plan should, inter alia, require students to take technology courses from 6th grade and upwards. This will allow students who cannot afford to go to college after graduation from high school to be prepared for entry level jobs.


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