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Know the “Constituents” of Liberia’s ICT and Telecommunications Sector

This is the second article I have written since the beginning of the year 2015 and I thought I use this occasion to provide some insight the “constituents of Liberia’s ICT and Telecommunications sector. My attempt here emanates from the fact that many Liberians do not know exactly who is who, or who does what in the sector. For example, I have heard people blame the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for not penalizing GSM operators for not delivering certain services.

Dr. Darren Wilkins 0777129092/ 0886703789 DWilkins@SaharaTechnology.Com

Children’s Use of the Internet in Liberia: Why We Should be Concerned.

In Liberia, and the world over, many parents do not pay attention to their children’s access and use of the Internet; whether it is via their phone or on a computer. A lot of parents in Liberia are not cognizant of the fact that their children have social network (Facebook) accounts which they use for inappropriate activities. They (parents) also are not aware of the possibility of their children/teens being enticed (both men and women) into inappropriate activities (soliciting sex online) on the Internet.

Technologies That Work Well In Political Campaigns

Technology has always played an important role in campaigning. From using bullhorns in neighborhoods and radio and television broadcast to reach voters, to robocalls, cellphones, websites, the social media, etc. No doubt, efficient and smart use of technology in campaigning can give candidates a competitive advantage all the way to the ballot box. In modern political campaigns, understanding technology translates into being able to better understand people, and there are a few technologies that have become crucial.

The Urgent Need for a National Electronic Health (National eHealth) Strategy for Liberia. A Lesson from the Ebola Outbreak

Last week I was part of a four-man delegation that attended the West Africa Regional Workshop on the Development of National eHealth Strategy in Abuja, Nigeria. The workshop was hosted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the World Health Organization (WHO), ICT4Health Nigeria, and the Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria. It (the workshop) provided participating West African countries insight into the development and implementation of a National eHealth strategy.


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