The Year 2013 in Retrospect: What We Did and Did Not Do

Another year has come and gone again; so quickly that I can vividly remember writing similar article a year ago, like it was yesterday. Yet, that time has come again when we look back at the activities in our ICT sector, both our triumphs and our failures. The former often form part of our legacy, while we reflect and embrace the latter and find ways to improve on them in the ensuing year. So, let’s take a look at what happened in 2013!

Liberian Youth in African ICT Week 2013

2 Liberian Youths Participate in African ICT Week

The 2013 African ICT Week has started in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa , the event converged  ICT and technology industry players to talk on the progress and success of the sector in Africa . The Departments of Infrastructure and Energy -Information Society Division is brain behind the 2013 African ICT Week which will be celebrated across the continent.

Fujitsu Lifebook P1630 (courtesy of

A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Laptop

While tablets get all the attention these days, many people still can only afford laptops and are more comfortable using laptops than tablets. But what do you consider when you go to buy a laptop? Do you simply consider the look of it, or is it because a friend has the same brand? In today’s article I will discuss a few things that you need to know or the questions you need to ask when you go and purchase a laptop.

Automate Your Human Resource Management Processes with OrangeHRM Software: It's Free and It's Open Source

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article questioning the purpose of having an IT department when none of your entity’s business processes are automated. I referred to an IT department that doesn’t administer any automated processes or mission-critical applications as a “large Internet Café.” Sometime last week, I met with a friend, who is also a government official. He asked about process automation and pointed out that he would like to start with the personnel department which falls under his purview.

Darren Wilkins

“Stop Thinking Local, Think Global”: How Social Networks, Especially “Linkedin”, Can Help Liberians Gain International Employment

As a panelist at a recent career fair held at the Executive Pavilion, I urged the audience to “stop thinking local, and begin thinking global” in their search for jobs. I told them that it was time Liberians divorce themselves from the notion that their only option for seeking employment is local, and start leveraging modern technology to seek another option; GLOBAL EMPLOMENT.


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