Dr. Darren Wilkins

Electronic Government (E-Government)

What if you could pay your taxes ONLINE and not have to stand IN LINE at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) payment window? What if you could apply for driver’s license ONLINE and not have to stand IN LINE at the Ministry of Transport? What if you could apply for a job ONLINE by simply uploading and submitting your CV or resume directly to the hiring entity? What if you could anonymously REPORT CORRUPTION or ABUSE online? And what if you could apply for a work PERMIT or PASSPORT while you are in a different country?

Dr. Darren Wilkins

The Need for a National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

As Liberia endeavors to revamp its education sector, there will be a need for a National Education Technology Plan (NETP) requiring the integration of technology in all schools in order to prepare the new generation of Liberians for the challenges of the 21st Century. This plan should, inter alia, require students to take technology courses from 6th grade and upwards. This will allow students who cannot afford to go to college after graduation from high school to be prepared for entry level jobs.

The Internet Society Chapter of Liberia

Ostensibly, the Internet is and has been the pivotal technology of the Information Age since its advent. And, with the explosion of wireless communication in the early twenty-first century, we can say that humankind is now almost entirely connected, albeit with great levels of inequality in bandwidth, efficiency, and price. But being connected is one thing, having an internet that is well managed, developed, open and accessible is another. And, the extremely complex nature of the internet makes it difficult for one individual or organization to manage it.

100 Achievements of Liberia’s ICT Sector: From 2007-2016

About a decade ago, there was very little Information and Communications Technology or ICT presence in Liberia. The country at the time was a nation emerging from a horrific civil war with a totally emasculated population hoping for change and a better Liberia. While other countries in West Africa and around the world had gone ahead to join the Information superhighway, Liberia remained a nation whose development had been reversed 50 years. But, the advent of a new government not only dawned a new day for the West African nation, but it also kindled new hopes for the Liberian people.


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