Mr. Jonathan Enders and the young Conquerors witnessing the LAF Club Championship at the UL Fendel Campus on Saturday

Enders Wants Support for Athletics

Educator Jonathan Enders is one of the die-hard financiers of athletics in Liberia. The 1984 graduate of Booker Washington Institute (BWI has over the years invested in athletics, which is not as popular as soccer in Liberia.

He was an 800m runner at BWI and competed in several competitions, winning medals for his school.

In 2006, he established the Conquerors Athletics Club (CAC) that developed many athletes who currently compete locally and internationally.

Rep. Numene Bartekwa and Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton Jr

MYS Denies Lawmakers’ Plea to Postpone County Meet

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) has rejected a request from the Southeastern Legislative Caucus to postpone the 2016/2017 National County Meet until southeastern roads are fully rehabilitated to allow the teams and spectators the “freedom of movement.”

The MYS said it is constrained to deny the lawmakers’ belated request because of the time, effort and resources already put into the County Meet by both the organizers (Ministries of Youth & Sports and Internal Affairs) and the other nine counties.

(L-R) Bronze medalist Amos Sawyer and Coach Junior Pewee Russian after Sunday morning’s practice

WUSHU Bronze Medalist Gets 2 year Scholarship

Wushu Bronze medalist Amos Sawyer has been awarded a two-year scholarship to attend the University of Liberia by Master Junior Pewee Russian, vice president for technical affairs of the Liberia Wushu Federation (LWF).

According to Master Russian, he provided the scholarship to the young athlete to reduce the financial constrains on the athlete’s parents and to further motivate him.

He stated that during his time as a young athlete, he encountered a similar difficulty and he would not like to see his trainees encounter same.

Liberty Athletics Club president Isaac Montgomery makes a presentation to Andrew Kpehe

LAC Wins Open Championship

The Liberty Athletics Club (LAC) was on Saturday crowned Champions of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) Open Club Championship which took place at the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia. The LAC accumulated 77 points in eight events with Andrew Kpehe named the ‘track-man’ for the LAC.

Minister Samukai joins the champions Darmawolor Community

Darmawolor Community Captures Samukai Peace Tourney

The organizing committee of the Brownie J. Samukai Sports Tournament has disclosed plan to honor several community members on Friday, November 14, after the closing ceremony of the tournament was disrupted by a heavy downpour of rain last Sunday.

The Brownie J. Samukai Tournament, which ended Saturday, November 11, featured kickball and football teams from 18 communities in Electoral District # 11.

The month long tournament was sponsored by Uncle Zah Laundry and Monrovia Liquor Store.


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