Sports Administration

Philipbert S. Browne

Browne Re-elected Unopposed as LNOC President

The twenty-nine member representatives of sports associations and federations last Friday re-elected incumbent President Philipbert Browne on a white ballot for the next four years.

Also elected was Mr. Fred Pratt as secretary general who took over from Joseph Willie, who will now be a consultant to the LNOC.

A. Tokpa was elected assistant secretary general and Ms. Sheba Browne was also elected chairperson of the Ways & Means Committee of the LNOC.

Minister receives the certificate from Mr. Giko, regional coordinator of AJN

African Journalists Network Honors Minister Gray

The African Journalists Network (AJN) Friday honored V. Murvee Gray, assistant minister of sports at the Ministry of Youth & Sports, at a brief program in Monrovia.

Regional coordinator of AJN, Roosevelt Giko, told Minister Gray that he was chosen for the honor due to his “astute professional services in unifying young Liberians through sponsorship and economic empowerment.”

“For the last three years you organized the National County Meet and this has brought the young people together,” Giko told him.

Installing Officer Julius Sele and officials of the First School Social, Athletics and Development Club

First School Oldtimers Get New Leadership

On the eve of Christmas 2016, a new leadership of the First School Social, Athletics and Development Club, based between GSA Road and Joe Bar Communities in Paynesville, were inaugurated for the next two years, December 24, 2016 – December 24, 2018.

The installation officer, Mr. Julius Sele, who is the Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) told the leadership to faithfully discharge their duties as a community-based organization in helping to promote development.

G. Andy Quamie receives ‘Excellence Award’

Quamie Gets ‘Excellence Award’ in Sports

One of Liberia’s football administrators, G. Andy Quamie, was honored as “2016 Sports Personality” by the National Excellence Awards.

The program was held on Friday, December 16, during the 5th Edition of the National Excellence Awards, of which over 10 esteemed individuals were honored in different areas at the Paynesville Town Hall.

Quamie, 44, received the “National Excellence Awards for Sports 2016.”

Partial view of members of the Liberia Athletics Federation, including members of the Special Committee to engage stakeholders on the lack of support from government

LAF Sets Up Committee to Regain Subsidy Status

The president of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF), Mulbah Z. Zaza, at the conclusion of its 58th general assembly last Saturday has appointed a five-man committee to meet relevant stakeholders on the exclusion of the LAF from the subsidies of the government’s annual budget as well as from the National County Sports Meet.


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