Short Story

In the Slammer

He sat there waiting for the final judgment. Yes, he had long known that it would come to this and he would be a doomed. Ghankay lowered his eyes below his chest, with an apparent unconcerned as he heard the judge shuffled papers on the bench to read the verdict that he knew would deny him the freedom to live and to laugh.

And So They Came

Now as soon as he got back to his quarters, Lieutenant-General Arnorld Quainoo climbed the stairs up to his office, opened the door, shut it behind him, and walked across the office. Then he sat behind his desk, a dark polished oak table which had formerly belonged to the Managing Director of the Freeport of Monrovia. The desk was huge, almost spanning the length of one wall. At the edges had been chiseled finely cut horizontal lines, with a broad stroke in the middle. But while the desk might have been the Managing Director’s, the office had been owned by the head of port security.

When I Return Home

“What are you doing now?” The question did not come as a surprise to me, for the authorities in Ghana had made their position clear: all Liberian refugees must be out of the country by a certain date. The date was what I could not accept since I felt that I also belonged here.

“Tom, Tom,” my shrill voice echoed, and I felt my own voice coming as if it was from a distance, “there is the likelihood that we’ve no choice as refugees…” my voice trailed off, and to be exact, my voice failed me.

His Final Hours

The announcement that he would be concealed from the eyes of mortal men for almost half a century did not come as a surprise to him. What concerned the former Liberian president were the intrigues that characterized the entire charade. So while he received the news about his concealment with a sense of foreboding, his mind was afar, hunting the experience he had gone through in The Hague.


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