Short Story

How the Man Died

He could eliminate the distraction but he was certain to give up his desire to win, since it had been rather too long now since he came to it. He detested the idea that he would have to succumb to the whims of his captors.

But it was all over. The former chief executive of the country sat
at the mercy of his captors, and he looked at the world with eyes unable to understand the trick that fate had played on him. Any sense of eagerness he had entertained faded from his eyes, leaving them cold as a winter sky after sunset.

And So They Came

Reaching the port entrance and joined by a number of ECOMOG troops, Emeka and his fellow soldiers met a group of INPF fighters. Among them was the hotheaded rebel force commander, Prince Yormie Johnson. Johnson was walking up and down the pavement, swearing, cussing, stamping his feet, and punching the air with his fists. The Gambian troops, who had been manning the entrance, had stopped pleading with him. Instead, like the rest of the peacekeeping troops who had joined those moments later, they regarded Prince Johnson in silence. However, the air was full of fear and hatred.

And So They Came

A few years before the slaughter, Doe could remember that the country had been awash with anguish and anger. There had been much criticism about the practices of the ruling True Whig Party (TWP) and the Tolbert-led government, made largely up of Americo-Liberians, or Congo people. These were thought to be of lighter complexion, many of them crops of American colleges and universities, and more educated than ordinary Liberians. One account was that ever since independence they had dominated the country and the disparate ethnic groups that made up the bulk of the population.


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