Short Story

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of The Deceptive Promise (1)

Characters in this story:

Jason Doe-------Criminal defense counselor who was willing to hear the case

Janet Love---Cllr. Doe’s private secretary

Sam Dennis----Private Detective

Clarisa Jay----one of several women recently returned from Lebanon and seeking justice

Helen Joe----Another woman also seeking justice

And So They Came

It was Prince Johnson shouting, and his voice could be heard rumbling throughout the Freeport of Monrovia: “Commando!”

“Brave, strong, intelligent!” chorused his men.

“Prepare for war!”


Once, there was a certain rich man who had an only son. He was not only rich though; but he was also very generous and compassionate, too!

Therefore, and because of his generosity of his compassion, he became to have several slaves and servants; most of whom gained their freedom through hard work and loyalty to the rich man.

Whenever this rich man bought a slave and saw that the slave was honest and hardworking, he would soon restore his freedom to him.

And So They Came

It was September 9, 1990, and about two o'clock in the afternoon. Emeka and a few other ECOMOG soldiers were on guard when suddenly they saw a procession of cars from the Vai Town area approaching towards the entrance to the Freeport of Monrovia. There were a number of assorted cars in the fleet, among them a few military jeeps. Ahead of the convoy came a black, distinguished-looking limousine that shimmered in the afternoon sun, and at the edges of the hood were the Liberian national flag and another one bearing the symbols of the Armed Forces of Liberia.


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