Short Story

Odell’s Recovery

ODELL DROPPED OUT of school when she was fifteen years old. Now at age 35 she worked as a school janitor. She was a mother who would do any hard work to get pay to feed her seven children. Every day as she completed her work on the campus of the Ward Preparatory School in Gardnersville, Chicken Soup Factory, she would go around to work for people in the community. She would wash their clothes; cut grass in the yard and clean bathrooms. But the highest pay she got for doing these work was three hundred Liberian dollars.

Koikoi`s Suit

Back in a small village called Malamai lived Koikoi and Bobo, two best friends among the villagers.

Koikoi and Bobo did things in common in tapping palm wine, fishing, farming and most of the cases eating together. If one had killed an animal, he would give a potion to his friend for his family even if the friend was away.

Too Late for Flowers

In a rickety zinc shack crawling with mice and cockroaches, Theresa lived together with her younger sister, her daughter, and me. Besides her daughter, Theresa had some older children, a couple of prominent men and women, who lived in Monrovia. The men worked as CEO and chief accountants at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL); while the women operated huge businesses, one of them owning an extravagant restaurant that catered exclusively for American and European clientele.

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Deceptive Promise (2)

Characters in this story:
Jason Doe-------Criminal defense counselor who was willing to hear the case

Janet Love---Cllr. Doe’s private secretary

Sam Dennis----Private Detective

Clarisa Jay----one of several women recently returned from Lebanon and seeking justice

Helen Joe----Another woman also seeking justice

And So They Came

Upon reaching their Caldwell base on Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia, Johnson and his fighters, embracing each other, laughing, dancing, and singing at the top of their voices, erupted into a festive burst of gunfire. From the military jeep in which they had brought him the rebels dragged President Doe, bleeding profusely from his legs, and threw him onto the ground. He was then stripped of his Five-star General’s uniform, including the badges he had on. These Johnson took and began to decorate himself while his men applauded, exchanged wisecracks, and burst into laughter.


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