Short Story

The Lady at the Door

It took place the day Sam Pelima, who was at the age of 75, died. I was alone when I encountered the lady at the door, leading to the house where Mr. Pelima spent his last moments. I wanted to explain that I saw the young woman who came to escort Mr. Pelima to the great beyond but I was afraid no member of the family would believe me. Some of them might even think it was a dream.

Crooking the Crook

If you think that you are a crook, someone may be even more crooked than you!

This was the case with a certain motor cyclist and another who happened to be an ex-motor cyclist. But because of the ex-motor cyclist’s crookedness in the past, no one was willing to entrust him with a motor bike.

The ex-motor cyclist, during the past, was never faithful to his employers. He would convert the daily proceeds to his personal use, for which he was now without a job.

A Teenager’s Revenge

The big judge said I would be in jail for one year, for revenging on those who had hurt me, and I had been in jail for the last six months. What did I do? I was just 14 years of age, and this is my story:

It all began a year ago with a phone call from a strange man who said he wanted to speak to my mother

“She isn’t here,” I told him.

As I hung up the phone, I proceeded to finish my daily chores of cleaning my room before going outside to play when the phone rang again.

“Hello,” I said impatiently.

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves the Case of the Lawmaker’s Death

It was one of the unusual homicide cases in Monrovia in recent times. Criminal lawyer Jason Doe was defending Samson Sombai, accused of the murder of a female lawmaker. It became apparent that the District Attorney was determined to pull all the strings to bind the defendant over for a jury trial.

Though Jason Doe enjoyed such a trial, where he would stand before twelve common citizens, assembled to give his client his day in court, the prosecution in this case did not have enough proof beyond all reasonable doubt.


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