Short Story

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Concludes:


The tension that concluded the morning session was discernible when the afternoon session began. Judge Martina Yuo leaned forward on her bench and said, “Counselor Doe will begin his cross-examination of Officer Jackson Payne,” and then relaxed in her chair. She followed it up by dropping her glasses in front of her and it made a slight echo.

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Angry Candidate (2)

Judge Martina Yuo was aware of the importance of the case and had a definite understanding of her position in the trial. She entered the courtroom with a triumphant air and settled in her chair. The case was one of interest to the Logan Town community, for the decedent Clinton Dahn, until his death was a man who made huge contributions to the town’s development.

The Case of the Missing US$25,000 (Part I)

Though the life of the 28-year-old musician Willie Koboi Jones was involved, and though many people knew the deceased had a brilliant future, newspapers described the case purely as one that was engineered by the love of money. It was not strange that metropolitan Monrovia dailies devoted much of their columns to the case. One interesting aspect was that the decedent was a resident of Kakata, Margibi County and a rising star among musicians.

Burden on Graduates

The alarming rapidity of my heartbeat filled me with uneasiness. I wanted to vomit. My right eye lid shook continuously. It was apparent that something was happening to me. I am from a family that prided itself with being connected to some of the well-educated men and women. Following that tradition my father put a lot in my education.


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