Short Story

Beyond Insanity

Chapter 1

It was the beginning of a new adventure and I thought it could not come to this. For many years the war created conditions that I thought could end as quickly as it had begun. It just started as a rumor and then it proceeded to develop and became huge.

The last we checked, what we thought would just come and sweep over us had come to stay. And since the day in December 1989, the dogs of war turned our lives upside down. And from there war, the real one, became the daily dose for thousands of us.

The Jealous Husband

Now they went into the denser parts of the forest and away from human habitation, and Korto built a hut for his wife Bendu and himself. But Korto, a brave and strong man, was unafraid and even found solace that his wife wouldn’t be able to see another human being and that ultimately her loyalty to him would be undivided.

My Father’s Days

The alarming rapidity of my heartbeat filled me with uneasiness. I wanted to vomit. My right eyelid shook incessantly. It was apparent that something was happening to me. I am from a family that prided itself with being connected to well-educated men and women. Following that tradition my father put a lot of time and money into my education.

In His Own Defense

He sat there waiting for the final judgment. Yes, he had long known that it would come to this and he would be doomed. Ghankay lowered his eyes below his chest, with apparently unconcerned as he heard the judge shuffled papers on the bench to read the verdict that he knew would deny him the freedom.

The Jealous Husband

Once upon a time, there was a man named Korto. He was so jealous and suspicious he harbored the thought every man in the village was in love with his wife. It was said that you could scarcely smile at the woman in his presence than he would fly into a fit of rage.


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