Short Story

Beyond Insanity (5)

Chapter 12
FOOTSTEPS ECHOED behind James Zonn, and he felt his legs weakening, and protesting their movements. It was too early to face another danger, he knew that well. The steps were crunching behind him, and at one point he wanted to run. But why would he run?

He was no criminal, just someone who had been freed from bondage.

Beyond Insanity (4)

Chapter 10
IT HAD been seven days now since the young Gio boy was forcibly brought into this dungeon by soldiers looking for rebels. And it had been seven days since James Zonn heard about food. He was in danger of dying, becoming weak by the day.

Sometimes he wondered how he had been able to endure such a bitter experience, and sometimes he had felt that he would survive the ordeal.

Chicken Fuss

Once it happened that a man who had turned government informant during the civil war went to visit his next-door neighbors to make sure that government soldiers arrested them before they had time to escape.

Beyond Insanity (3)

Chapter 7
IT HAD been three nights since he was brought here. He could not remember the specific location, but he could admit that because he was seeing the Atlantic Ocean from the dungeon where he had been kept, he was probably being held at the Executive Mansion. The room was not bigger than the average room space in Monrovia.

Beyond Insanity (2)

Chapter 4
JAMES ZONN had known all along that neither his mother nor his father was coming back home. It had been three days since his mother was abducted by some members of the national army. Until then James had always loved the army and had dreamed of becoming a member in the future. But events since the late Thomas Q tried and failed to remove the government of his friend, Sam Doe, had indicated to him that the army was, to some extent, the most dangerous occupation to sacrifice his life for.


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