Suffering of Liberian Students in Egypt Far From Over

The suffering of 25 Liberian Students who were sent on scholarship to Egypt in pursuit of higher education appears to be far from over as the student leadership has written a new letter outlining their present distress.

 In their recent letter, the students re-echoed their appeal to the Government of Liberia (GOL) to restore their allowances reportedly discontinued four years ago.

Commissioner Kesselly: “If we can’t expand operations as a registry to stay commercially viable, the money will just disappear…”

“Beach Workers’ Program Not Controlled by Maritime”

The Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), Binyan Kesselley, has said that the program initiated years ago to clean the beaches of Monrovia and its environs is no longer controlled by his institution, but by the central government.

Mr. Kesselley recalled that the LMA instituted the program in January, 2009 partly with youths who were involved in car washing in Mamba Point.  

Chris Massaquoi and deputy Abraham Kromah

Six Police Officers Suspended

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has suspended with immediate effect six of its officers, pending investigation, in connection with the disappearance of a large quantity of single barrel gun ammunitions from its Forensic Evidence Room.

The thirteen boxes of missing ammunitions were siezed on November 1, 2014 by joint security officers in Ganta, Nimba County and placed at the headquarters of the LNP Forensic Room.  But the ammunitions went missing on March 7, 2015.

GOL Mission to Beirut Successful 10 Liberian Girls Trapped in Lebanon Returned

The Government of Liberia has secured the release of ten Liberian female migrant workers that had been trapped for more than two years in Lebanon and have brought them home.

The young girls allegedly faced a life of servitude and humiliation including sexual molestation by some Lebanese agents that “sponsored” their travel to Lebanon.

Ambassador Nyeneboe with a copy of the Biometric passport

Liberia ECOWAS Biometric PAC Launched in Europe

The Government of Liberia has officially launched the Liberian Biometric ECOWAS Passport Application Center (PAC) in the Schengen zone of Europe. The launch took place March 14, at the Liberian Embassy near Brussels, Belgium.

Liberia's Ambassador-designate to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the European Union, Isaac W. Nyenabo II, said the center will ease the hardships, frustration and financial cost of obtaining a passport for Liberian citizens living in the Schengen zone of Europe.


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