After 10-Years of Commercial Motorcycling in Liberia

An uncertain future awaits those of us whohave become used to the quick convenience provided by the "pehn-pehn" (as commercial motorcycles are locally called) services.

Commercial motorcycling has over the past 10 years brought relief to most of Monrovia's 1.2 million residents in a number of ways: it has helped reduce the incidence of crime in this major city andits environs. It gives would-be delinquents a productive outlet for energy that otherwise would be wasted in unlawful activities such as armed robbery, burglary or auto theft. 

Gov’t’s Ban on Motorcycles Gets Massive Support

The government of Liberia’ recent decision to suspend motorcyclists from plying the major routes in Monrovia and its environs is gaining huge support amongst Liberians. It has also been said that the move was applauded in many foreign parts, with call for government to keep the restriction in place permanently.

Liberians said that government’s decision at this time, is in the right direction and will go a long way to help curb the high incidence of accidents in the city.

The Guinean side of the Guinea-Ganta border

Bridge linking Liberia and Guinea at Ganta border

Security Tension Eases at Ganta Border

Security aides operating at the Ganta Border, known as action aide or “AAs” have been expelled from the operation at the border in order to create free movement of business people and other travelers, Nimba County Attorney had said.

The action came after several complaints from business people and other commuters about some sorts of security harassment and intimidation they experience at the hands of those claimed to be security agents at the border.

Commercial motorbike drivers in Monrovia are at issue with the government over the restriction.

Motorcyclists Head Calls for Calm

Amidst of  controversy surrounding the new police order restricting motorcyclists movement from the main streets in Monrovia, the president of the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union has called on its members or riders to remain calm and exercise restraint.

Mr.Lansana Kutubu Young Sheriff told the Daily Observer yesterday that from all indications the government has not proven well to be jobs creator in the country for the youths.

Graduates pose with some top security officials including NSA Boss, Fumba Sirleaf.

‘Threat of Terrorism is Real’

The Director of the National Security Agency, (NSA) Fumba Sirleaf, has warned that the threat of terrorism is real, calling on all security agencies in the country as well as the Liberian public, to begin to develop the understanding of what terrorism is, and how it affects them and their communities.


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