CDC Standard Bearer George Weah is now running for a Montserrado County Senate seat.

Montserrado Needs No ‘Part-time’ Senator

Benjamin Sanvee, a former youth advisor to former President Charles G. Taylor, who (Sanvee) is himself eying one of Montserrado County’s senatorial seats, has sounded off a warning to expected voters participating in the October 14, 2014 Special Senatorial Elections: vote for someone who is willing to complete his/her term, and who is willing to fight in the interest of the people.

Former Liberty Party Chairman Israel Akinsanya

Referendum on Tenures Suggested

By J. Burgess Carter


The former chairman of the Liberty Party is suggesting that a referendum for reduction in the tenure of President, Senator, and Representatives, be conducted along with the October 14, 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

Mr. Israel Akinsanya also challenged Liberians not to support any candidate in the 2014 special elections, who does not support a referendum alongside  the ballot that deals with the tenure of the President from six to four years, Senators from nine to six, and Representative from six to four.

Senatorial hopeful Geroge M. Weah

George Weah Begins Early Campaign?

Ahead of the official pronouncement of campaign activities for the ensuing Special Senatorial Election, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) political leader George Weah has started reaching out to potential voters in Montserrado County.

Amb. Weah recently announced his desire to replace fellow partisan Joyce Musu Sumo whose tenure expires January 2015.

Since the CDC flag-bearer declared his intention of contesting, he (Weah) has been consistent in visiting public places and at the same time holding discussions with both electorates and stakeholders.

UK Prime Minister Says Open Government Leads to a Nation’s Success

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants countries participating in the Open Government Partnership to make a strong argument in favour of institutional openness and transparency in government by ‘practicing what we preach’ while at the same time providing support to transparency groups.


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