Oh was the time our many sins were in multitude
Oh was the moment our lost soul was redeemed
Oh was the instant our dark heart sought solace
Oh such was the time when we felt our redemption
Oh this wonderful Sunday morning he rose
Majestically for mankind to live everlastingly

I Must Go On

Even if the birds refuse to come home
Under the veil of hush it is a mans world
To be free of the unspoken suppression
Associated with what is real and the lies
Loud s a mega phone I scream out loud
I Must Go On

Erstwhile creation bubbles every second
Utopian creed fuels my uttermost outlook
The pair search remains a daunting task
Amidst raucous of unspoken hurt tidbits
Loose sight of all good at a sudden flash
I Must Go On


Let the communities know
Whichever place we go
That Mary B is eighty-seven
With the Blessings of God from Heaven
Yes, Mary B is eighty-seven
With the Angels singing for her from Heaven
It is not for nothing
But definitely for something
That the time of her Birthday
Is near International Women's Day
On the eighth of March every year
Near the twelve of March every year
For Mary B is the People's Laureate
Her Global Impact, the People appreciate
Do not think for a moment
Not to mention any agreement


Are we the people of Liberia
Still wondering in hysteria
About how our suffering continues
Seemingly endlessly in all venues?

Are we the people of Liberia
Still dozing in hysteria
Wondering about the future
To be favored by nature?

Are we the people of Liberia
Still dreaming in hysteria
Pondering about where to go
When things go chakla and below?

Yet, many of us for money sake
Continue to be on the take
Taking whatever we can get
Acting like we always forget

Where Did My Val Go?

We spent the thirteenth of February planning our Valentine
You promised it would be a candle light date
You promised we’ll be like bees stuck on a honeycomb
You bought our valentine groceries for the evening
You also bought me a silk red wine dress
You then told me to light the candles at 8:00 p.m.
Organize a table for two and set our roses too
I did all you asked, but you never came
You never showed up, not even a call
How do I celebrate without you here?
Where did you go?


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