So many claimed this was just perfect
Yielding the grass will be even greener
They will harvest more than they sowed
In times like this it will make a contrast
Absolute faith in a person that flawed
Deeming this was the best for all of us
Hence some disasters are forthcoming
Just a matter of time they will truly assert
Someone’s strong belief will irk another
With sanguinity they won’t really regret
Not in this world will be ever be beguiled
It shouldn’t shame us in the every ending

Palm Butter

It was a monday and man it was humid
It was necessary to remove my coat first
It was late to go driving to the city then
It was good for a drink of the natural milk
It was a process to go and find the hawker
It was as usual the guy in stained clothes
It was paid for three tree freshly cut coconut
It cooled my fast as I drank it with zest
Ummmmm Palm Butter
It was being picked off the husk for sale
It was spread out on the table in portions
It was a point of attraction in the dingy corner


Not the worst lurking like a volcano
The darkness overshadowing all good
The tremor building deep inside of us
The lashes from those ugly foul mouths
Evil stares from faces so unpleasant
Fear Not

From that fastidious person aside you
Envious neighbors with weird smiles
That niggling partner rants nonstop
The night bugs that keep stinging
The heavier load to carry tomorrow
Fear Not


For the little that can be offered
The handshakes meaning so much
Smirks to brighten gloomy days
Succulent meals we all can share
Helping the needy when needed
In time to truly provide a hand
That joy of being a shining knight
Hero unsung but yet is still valued
Cherished for the least efforts made
That kindness so wholeheartedly
For all men who learn to dearly love
Regardless of others’ predicament
We show signs of how many it means
When another hands aid thee


On the early sunrise still not rested that well
The cold morning dew the parched flesh feels

Early showers to wash away the night’s smears
In wears not keen yet the day’s journey matters

Be it the scorching sun or that thunderous storm
The freezing nippiness or that pleasant warmth

In hot cars and old crowded buses they cramped
To each destination for the day’s labors

Seeking the paramount to make life much better
Each day the same routine as usual for everyone


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