Looking for someone who speaks bluntly
Searching for someone who speaks honestly
Then we find out
Without a doubt
That someone who speaks bluntly
Might not be someone who speaks honestly
But, as for this Blunt of whom we speak
She has no dishonesty streak
In her work, she speaks bluntly Yes bluntly, but honestly
Looking at this Blunt we speak of her She is someone we hold so dear
She is just plain Elizabeth
And not Queen Elizabeth
But she has queenly features
As found in her news features


When common sense disappears
Then greed appears
When common sense disappears
Then corruption appears
When common sense disappears
Then the Vampire appears
When common sense disappears
Then rule by money appears
When common sense disappears
Then senseless popularity appears
When common sense disappears
Then useless popularity appears
When common sense disappears
Then bad governance appears
When common sense disappears
Then foreign participation in election appears


It is in display at the Tower of London
It belongs to the former helper ground
It was not purloined but forcefully taken
It has been the subject of a long complain
It should be given back to where it belongs
It is much sought after jewel of this time
Light Diamond


Everybody running helter-skelter for the breaking news
Of some pending anecdote of eerie happenings in town
Of people and situations and all that can ever be known
Sitting in tight corners and cramped spaces all day long
Hatai the Fula men sell with groundnuts they discussed
In cars and buses and at homes they chat the day’s news
All the tales as eager ears heed those shocking stories
For in them it’s an understanding to make it all better
As with everything done in the previous and will differs

The Woman in Me

I’m average and humble
But I will not tremble
Sometimes I get a little nervous
That doesn’t mean I’m furious

I have this burning desire
That I am craving to acquire
I’m actively on my heels
Taking the wheels

I know darkness will fall
But I will conquer all
Though I am in the fire
I will never get tired

I have bruises within
But will never get thin
There were times I had trouble
But I know my blessing is doubled


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