She weeps when I am in deep anguish
She nurses me with loving tenderness
She cries when I wail out my torments
She toils daily to feed my hungry belly
She laughs when I share jokes with her
She sleeps only when I have dozed off
She wakes me early to get me ready


Love, the feelings from within tell me that
Anyone can love,
And anyone can be loved.
The feelings without boundaries
The feelings without limitations
The feelings we cannot control
Are the same feelings within you and me
In the same way,
You and me are unable
To withhold the feelings of love
From each other.
It is like pink roses
Tied together with blue ribbon.
The same love for each of us
That cannot be controlled.
But do we really have the same love?


Tell me,
My heart is so open
My love is so real for you
My feelings are so strong
Especially when I am alone
But no, I cannot be alone
Because your presence never leaves me
For though you may not be around me in person
You are always here with me.
Tell me…
Say it…I am listening…
Tell me.
My heart is like a fertile ground
My love is rich in many colors for you
My feelings are like the rush of a waterfall
Creating visions of the rainbow.
Yes, the presence of love


Maybe the arrow from Cupid bow poisoned me
Maybe the power to flirt shielded the moral edge
Maybe the unseen force of attract overwhelmed
Maybe yin and yang penetrated the Cosmo about
Maybe the spell of the single hoovers maliciously
Maybe it is best to just let it float away to Venus
I Lost A Friend
Maybe the odds are just too rife to keep ignoring
Maybe the free talkers make sense of their truths
Maybe the staid posture builds a finer self-esteem
Maybe this gun was fired longed before a provoke


An impulse to learn
A motive to succeed
So studious and resolute
A focused mind so inspire
How far we have come
So factual it is my friend
In pursuit for knowledge
A vivid future far ahead
Affluence a necessity
The luminosity sparkle high
A translucent flame it is
To brighten our dark world
And all who see marvel
The beauty of incredulity
Conceivable success a reality
The years of fruitfulness
Our illumination glow with pride
We the ardent achievers


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