We hold the spectre of doubts ever so boldly
We celebrate with pride the glory of falsehood
We dance in awe to the horrors all around us
We plan the worst sans the goodness in us
We bite harder when lips should flow kisses
We scream in agony instead of happiness
We smirk at dangers like drunks mock sobriety
We fall apart conscious that unity bring harmony
We cry with melancholy even in festive moments
In the Dark our good souls are thus hardened
Our Sanities fight their own battles for dominion


Sleep barely drained out of tired bodies
Brain still shut in those distant abodes
Thinking about the impossible wonders
Of greater moments invisible in reality
Dreams about those feats thus unseen
A novel places we conquer our anguishs
That golden chamber of gleaming great
Our heroic deeds and daring speeches
Pushing far beyond the mere strength
Of a world that have mocked our valors
We just cannot linger there everlastingly
Hence suddenly we whisper our goodbye
On the morrow when sleep knock us out


An impulse to learn
A motive to succeed
So studious and resolute
A focused mind so inspire
How far we have come
So factual it is my friend
In pursuit for knowledge
A vivid future far ahead
Affluence a necessity
The luminosity sparkle high
A translucent flame it is
To brighten our dark world
And all who see marvel
The beauty of incredulity
Conceivable success a reality
The years of fruitfulness
Our illumination glow with pride
We the ardent achievers


Those great ideas all make the same sense
Those great ideas all embrace the same goal
Those great ideas all share the same motive
Those great ideas all make one common ground
Those great ideas can make a great difference
Those noble ideas can thrust us further
Those great ideas can remove the darkness
Since we all found one common ground


If only we could transcend those barriers we fashion
Feelings that have never been birthed with compassion
Mocking others for they're a lot different from us
Not even pushing for a mere understanding of sort
In our hearts the dark castle of malice well guarded
Our once potent minds weakened by unbound loathe
Seldom will we find a place to make Unity triumph
For in us a novel fraternity of all thoughts vanished
We strive on the opposite of all that was once excellent
Our feelings not to accept others with their strangeness


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