A Tribute to Prof. Wolo and Teacher C.M. Dennis

For whom again do these bell tolls? We hear a veteran too did go;
And a young teacher wave his last smile and said goodbye.
W. Whitman’s “O Captain, My Captain” echoes its rhythm with
disquieting calm; and do you brag the leaving of these cognitive
builders? Your strokes simply lure them asleep and are now most free,
never are bond to these tussles that each day some
wrestle, yearning for home or many returning weary, while other just rest in
His caressed-peace.


The good wife is a partner and a friend
Always there for you; the one on whom you can depend
She always defends you
She is there when you need a confidante
Because she believes in you, she’ll be a torchbearer for you
The good wife is a mother, teaching us to love and care for one another
She teaches us pride in who we are
She’s a good wife, in good times and bad ones, too
Always encouraging, comforting and cheering you
And when all is said and done she makes sure your memory lives on
She vowed to be with you ‘til the end

A Life Well-documented (Amb. Charles Tiah’s Tribute to Lawrence and Mamade)

We were amputated on the left sides of our chests- a stab
deep in all hearts- when you both passed...
You left us without saying good-bye and took with you the
smiles that glowed your cheeks and brilliancy that profused your lives.
Do you have the hearts to say why? Your deaths struck hearts breaking on the mat
with glow of memories that wrap around our emptiness?
Did you mean to cause these brokenness?

For the African Child

If African leaders had the sight of a sparrow
They would grip today like a lioness and preserve tomorrow
And keep an eye on every child walking the shores
To have a space, a smile, a hope, no woes
For Africa belongs to Vamba, Jabulani, Kemah, Ewetse, Korlu, Armah and even me
Why can’t you just let us be?
We watch our tomorrow torn in shreds by men who would be long gone
When the tax collector stops by to collect all we’d have done
I wish I’d someday grow and scold these preys
And line them up and let each have his day

Back to Zero

The onset was set off with amazing grandeur
The beginning welcoming that gay magnificence
Everything sparkling like the brightest dawn
Back to Zero

All in its glories for millions of marvels glimpse
Striking unison of ideas make one grand scene
Yet it all falls back to one sans the greatness
Back to Zero

The glories trampled upon by mere ignorance
It is said of such crucial times to indeed arrive
Wherein we lost all the excellence on silliness
Back to Zero


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