A Purple Diamond

Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

I found the most luminous purple diamond suddenly
The sighting flooded an emptiness that enveloped
Heart by the workings of four smart curved fingers
A plaster of cupid to mend the droplets of harmony
To picture a message all generations crave and seek
A finely stitched garment thrust at dawn so soothing
Clutched to fame an elegance bore of true nationalism
A Purple Diamond harnessed from grass to runways

I craft a daily walk to the gracious rays from my sun
The architects of hide and wood strut our strides to be
Herald the theme of this latest renaissance with a niche
A damsel cut from the earth bare minerals glow to flow
To change the hybrid of seekers to those that do create
A simple dream of trading ideas to a generation in limbo
Cloned from her soul the graft signature will revolutionize
A Purple Diamond stitched adoringly to foster a new look

Liberian Observer

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