Speak Truth To Power

Such powers that keeps the minds of men down
I would speak the very truth to that kind of power
Powers forged out of the sweat and tears of many
I would speak the very truth to that kind of power
Silent dearth of the pulse of the most abused lot
I would speak the very truth to that kind of power
Statue as a torchbearer with no flame to ignite
I would speak the very truth to that kind of power
Dangling firmly to the tempo of long gone tyrants
I would speak the very truth to that kind of power

A Purple Diamond

I found the most luminous purple diamond suddenly
The sighting flooded an emptiness that enveloped
Heart by the workings of four smart curved fingers
A plaster of cupid to mend the droplets of harmony
To picture a message all generations crave and seek
A finely stitched garment thrust at dawn so soothing
Clutched to fame an elegance bore of true nationalism
A Purple Diamond harnessed from grass to runways

Torn Pages

It is my sketch book full of the details of many shoes
It has some clean and stained dog eared lined sheets
It can pass for an encyclopedia of slender birch twigs
It breathes in the wind as a child playing by his daddy
It ripped between two fingers of a careless dancer
Torn Pages pictures the event of a stain glass fresco


They will wake up tomorrow morning and find their reputation rooted-
And fames washed from the shores of History like this empty
holiday spent with nothing to celebrate.
These titles, these statuses, these poverty inventors may wish to have another chance.
But who will live 10 minutes after death and is not humane, humble,
generous, and Holy? Should we not learn from the story of Lazarus?
Should we not learn from the stories of Scott, Blah, and the thousand others?
But how poisonous is a power that consumes the heart and diseased the mind.

A Jue Is...

A jue is a chick
Who knows how to make it thick
A jue is like a jar
Full of goods like candy bars
A jue is a journey
Of wisdom through her story
A jue is a gem
And baby, you are one of them.
A jue is a tree
True to her roots, she bears the fruits
A jue takes the lead
And makes others take heed
A jue knows her Maker
And keeps Him at her center
A jue is, at her core,
Stronger than iron ore
So down to earth
A jue is from birth!
Proud but not prideful
Loud but not obnoxious


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