Bali, Copenhagen and Paris. Towards a new Global Climate Change Treaty: Liberia’s contributions and challenges

The threats and impacts of climate change on human existence are dire and have been increasing exponentially. At the United Nations Conference on the Environment convened in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, the world first recognized the deleterious effects of changes in our global climate system and more interestingly, the massive changes mother earth would undergo if this menace continues unabated.

What Did Finance Minister Amara Konneh Really Say?

Did Finance and Development Planning Minister Amara Konneh really say what Inprofile and The News newspapers said he did? This is the question on everyone’s mind today.

The problem is three-fold: first, what was said, which seems to be totally unbelievable; second, who said it, again completely surprising; and third, against whom it was said, which is equally unbelievable.

Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods

NO! Mr. Minister of Justice, this matter is not considered closed

NO! Mr. Minister of Justice, this matter is not considered closed. As dutiful citizens of this Republic, we intend to demand answers to questions you have provoked. As our public servant, you are under a duty to provide credible answers. If you are not careful, this matter will define your tenure as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia.

Our government will account for every drop of the dead man’s blood.

Maternal Mortality Increasing and Still No Roadmap for Healthcare Delivery Rebuilding?

Liberia has done very well in the anti-Ebola fight.  Except for one case which emerged in Caldwell last week—of a woman who unfortunately died—the entire country, thank God, is free of the deadly virus for now. 

But we should never forget the prime reason the virus struck our three countries—Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia—with such devastating effect—over 10,000 dead.  It was—and remains—the poor state of our healthcare delivery.  Coupled with that is the failure of the three countries and many other parts of Africa to find a permanent solution to the sanitation crisis.


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