Flag draped caskets bearing the remains of Sen. Traub and his son, Dr. Traub

Family, Friends, Officiating Clergy say final rites at the reinterment of Sen. Traub and his son , Dr. Traub

Family members convey the caskets bearing the remains of Rev. Byron Z. Traub and Dr. Dumah Z. Traub to their final resting place in the family burial grounds in Qweinta

The Reinterment Movement

There is a growing movement among Liberian families to perform re-burial ceremonies for their loved ones who died during the war when it was difficult or impossible to inter them in their ancestral homes.

Among the first to be reinterred was former Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, Rt. Rev. Roland J. Payne, who died in Weinsue, Bong County, and was later reinterred at his home in Gorlue, Lofa County.

The Late Mother Emily Louise Gibson Parsons

Mother Emily Gibson Parson’s Funeral Today

The funeral of Mother Emily Louise Gibson Parsons, a prominent Liberian nurse of yesteryear, is scheduled to take place today at the St. Peter Episcopal Church, Caldwell.

According to her granddaughter, Counselor Althea E. Sherman, the body will be removed from the Samuel Stryker Funeral Home at 8 o’clock this morning and taken to St. Peter in Caldwell, where wake keeping will start at 10 o’clock a.m. The funeral service will start at 11 o’clock a.m.

The late Paul Allen Wie

Veteran Journalist Paul Allen Wie Is Dead

The Press Union of Liberia’s Welfare Committee has announced the death of another “Giant Tree” in the Liberian media. Family members say veteran journalist Paul Allen Wie died early this week.

Wie started off as a Radio Producer at ELWA Radio and later became editor at the Daily Listener and Liberian Star newspapers in the 1970s. He became Liberia’s correspondent for the Deutsche Presse Agentur (German News Agency).

The Late Mrs. Eupheme Geraldine Cooper Weeks

‘A Virtuous Woman’

Residents along the main road leading from Fendall through Bentol city to Crozierville stood agape late Saturday morning when a fleet of vehicles, the longest some of these people have seen in their lives, passed through their areas and finally landed at the Reeves Memorial United Methodist Church in the latter town.

The Late Mr. Thomas N. Nagbe

Thomas N. Nagbe Dies

The death is announced of Mr. Thomas N. Nagbe, a sad event which the family said occurred on October 10, 2016, in Pickness Cess, Grand Kru County, Southeastern-Liberia. Mr. Nagbe was born on November 21, 1931, and died on October 10, 2016.

On October 22, the Mr. Nagbe remains will be removed to Pickness Cess for a night of wake keeping.

According to the family spokesperson, Jw the obituary goes to the deceased relatives and children in Liberia other parts of the world, especially Mrs. Agatha Nagbe-Cooper of the USA, the son of the deceased, Jeremiah B. Nagbe has said.


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