NEC Magistrate Monbiah (Left): “There is a complaint before my office accusing Samuel Korgar of trucking voters” and Rep. Korgar (right) “I facilitated Buuyao citizens residing outside of the district to go home and register”

Rep. Korga Linked to Trucking Voters In Nimba

Nimba Electoral District #5 Representative Samuel G. Korgar has been linked to trucking eligible voters to register in his district, the National Elections Commission (NEC) Upper Nimba Magistrate has confirmed.

In an interview with reporters in Ganta yesterday, Magistrate Princeton Monbiah said his office has received a complaint with documentary evidence from an aspirant accusing Korgar of trucking people from different tribes to register in Electoral District #5.

The fire raging yesterday, consuming two zinc shacks in New Kru Town

Tenants belongings that were saved from the blaze

Community Chairman Harris Sokan and resident Asatu Konneh, who says she has lost everything.

Fire Leaves 30 Homeless in New Kru Town

Police and fire service investigators are yet to determine the cause of a fire outbreak yesterday which consumed two zinc shacks, rendering more than 30 residents homeless in New Kru Town, Monrovia.

Mr. Harris Sokan, chairman of the community affected by the fire, Block A in the Borbor Garage section of New Kru Town, took journalists around and expressed regret about the disaster.

Victim Asatu Konneh told the Daily Observer on the scene after the incident that she was in a nearby restroom when she heard calls outside that a house was on fire.

Defendant Sherman’s motion yesterday delayed the GW trial

Judge Gbeisay Condemns Lawyers’ ‘Delay Strategy’ in GW Case

Criminal Court ‘C’, where the Global Witness (GW) bribery scandal is being tried has condemned the “strategy” employed by defense lawyers, which the court says is undermining the hearing of the merits of the case.

The defense team had filed multiple pretrial motions as part of their strategies to delay the case, for which their clients were indicted in 2016. This action now constrained the court from hearing the merits of the allegations.

Senator Oscar Cooper

Margibians Reject Cooper’s Presidential Bid

Residents of Margibi County, home of Senator Oscar Cooper, have rejected his presidential bid in the ensuing October elections.

Nearly two weeks after he accepted a petition from a group of citizens from all 15 counties to contest the presidency, Sen. Cooper now stands to be losing support among his people in the county as evidenced by the fact that they have started to criticize him change their minds about his bid to become president.


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