Suspect Nancy Walh and the gun (right)

Girl, 15, Arrested with Single Barrel Gun

“Undergoing investigation at the police headquarters on allegation of armed robbery,” -Police spokesperson Collins
Abednego Davis

A fifteen year–old girl identified as Nancy Walh, was among five men the Liberia National Police (LNP) arrested with a single barrel home-made gun during an early Wednesday raid.

Suspect Walh, who is believed to be the girlfriend of a jailed notorious criminal who police identified as ‘Bin Laden,’ admitted having a son with Bin Laden.

Nancy and her accomplices are being investigated at the LNP headquarters, Police spokesperson Sam Collins disclosed yesterday when he addressed journalists.

Though “no charges have been levied against those the police arrested,” Collins said the suspects may face armed robbery charges if the ongoing investigation links anyone of them to a series of recent robberies.

Collins said the suspects were arrested following a tip-off from Amos G. Nyemah and Lawrence B. Junior, who the suspects reportedly robbed using short single barrel guns.

“The suspects were armed with several of the short single barrel guns and knives, which they have used to attack many other residents,” Collins said.

He alleged that during their ‘operations,’ suspect Nancy and her collaborators discharged two rounds of the guns in the air before making away with several valuable items, including cash, from their victims.

“The suspects also made away with 210 scratch cards, and several pieces of cell phones,” Collins claimed.

Suspect Nancy, who was paraded with her co-suspects in front of journalists, denied any knowledge of the gun, though she alleged it was in a brown bag that was handed over to her by one Ballah Gee, who is at large.

According to her, while she and some of the other suspects were sitting at her house, Ballah came running and placed the brown bag on her lap and asked her to keep it for him.

“Ballah put the bag containing the gun on my lap, but I did not know what was in it, because I never cared to open the bag when he handed it to me,” Nancy told journalists.

She said she was unaware that the police was in pursuit of Ballah until she was arrested.

“I didn’t know that the police was after Ballah when he gave me the bag, but immediately after I received the bag from him, the police arrived on the scene. At that time Ballah had left the area,” suspect Nancy claimed.

It was during that time, Nancy said, the officers immediately seized the bag from her and opened it and discovered the gun.

Meanwhile, Collins said on Tuesday, January 10, around the St. Paul Bridge Community on Bushod Island, another businessman identified as Mustapha Kubah was reportedly arm-robbed by seven suspected unidentified individuals.

Collins alleged that the incident happened while Kubah was on his way to the business center in the Duala market.

“On his way suddenly Kubah came in contact with a Black Rava Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with license plate number A-40923. It was out the car the seven persons disembarked and attacked the victim, who the robbers reportedly flogged before making away with his cash and valuables,” Collins said quoting the victim.

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