Prices of Commodities Skyrocket in Greenville

As the roads of Liberia’s Southeast’s continue to worsen, prices of essential commodities have sky rocketed beyond the reach of ordinary citizens and residents of Greenville City in Sinoe County.

In addition, several feeder roads leading to the various districts are inaccessible due to the fact that most of the farm-to-market roads have not been rehabilitated nor are there any plans in the offing to fix them.   

Head of Liberia's Law Reform Commission, Dr. Jallah Barbu (FPA photo)

LRC Wants Speedy Passage of Commercial Code

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) is opting for a timely passage of the draft Insolvency and Restructuring Act in order to protect creditors and debtors in Liberia.

The Insolvency and Restructuring Act is a proposed legislation introduced to repeal the "outdated" Fraudulent Conveyance Act that had been in existence for many years.

Bakers’ Union to Strike against Commerce Ministry

A group under the banner of “the National United Bakers, Chefs and Allied Workers Union of Liberia (NUBACAWUL)” has threatened a strike action against the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

Last week at a press conference the group said, MOC has failed to sign its Import Permit Declaration (IPD) document. The IPD would enable NUBACAWUL to import goods, specifically flour, into the country. The group said importing goods related to their job has been the responsibility of the ministry since 2013.

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Conference Begins Today

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry--- with support from the Government of Japan, International Finance Cooperation, International Trade Center, USAID and other partners---will host the second annual national Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) conference and trade fair.

Speaking to journalists at his Ministry of Commerce and Industry office on Ashmun and Gurley Streets, the Minister, Mr. Axel M. Addy, said this year’s conference would benefit business people and the country at large.


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