A young man sits along with Tina and Ford at their outside petty trading stand yesterday on 18th Street, Sinkor

Used Clothes, Sneakers, Cosmetics to the Rescue

The current economic hardship and the absence of adequate employment are pushing a large number of Liberians to engage in petty trading.

One of the most popular businesses is trading in used goods, including clothing, sneakers and cosmetics.

At the corner of 18th Street in Sinkor, next to a popular restaurant frequented by the large expatriate community in Monrovia, is located a small outside business.

Businesswoman Urges Liberians to be Positive

Ma Fatu, as she prefers to be called, is a local business woman in the Rally Town Market. She is calling on her fellow Liberians to be more positive in whatever they do to earn their living.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer business desk yesterday on UN Drive in Monrovia, she said it is now time that all Liberians be focused, determined and more positive if they are to be successful in life and become custodians of their economy.

Flashback: A cross section of marketers at the Duala Market

Marketers Appeal for Loans

Several market women at the Duala Market and other community marketers are appealing to the national government, most especially the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to provide them with loans to develop their businesses.

“Currently, we are struggling to cope with our competitors in the local economy and the only way we can survive is by providing us with loans to produce our own products,” a cross-section of the marketers indicated.

They pointed out that providing loans to Liberian marketers will help reduce prices and give value to the Liberian dollar.

Most of the closed businesses have now reopened to the public

Following ‘Tax Protest,’ Calm Returns to Redlight

Following several hours of intense standstill of basic activities on Tuesday in the Paynesville Redlight commercial district, in the eastern-suburb of Monrovia where stores and other petty trading centers were shut down, calm yesterday returned to the area.

 Restoration of commercial activities to Redlight and its affected adjacent communities yesterday came as result of a reported intervention by ‘some prominent residents’ from the private sector who have trade links with the Paynesville branch of the Liberia Marketing Association.

Mr. Sirleaf giving an overview of HDF project in Bomi

Bomi Farmers Attribute Failure to Lack of Markets

Citizens of Bomi County have confessed that their failure to produce more food, especially cassava and other tubers in the county is due to lack of markets and under pricing of the commodities by buyers from Monrovia.

They made the assertion on February 28, 2015 in Klay District where about 30 farmers converged to discuss and find solutions to problems affecting cassava farming in the county.

  The discussion was organized by a local non-governmental organization, the Human Development Foundation (HDF).


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