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Ganta: A City that Never Sleeps

No doubt about it, Monrovia as a capital city has everything it needs ranging from gorgeous architecture, top nightclubs, hotels, beaches and the presence of the nation’s media houses – which Ganta, Liberia’s second largest commercial city, does not readily have.

Still, Ganta has something better to offer. Nicknamed ‘the city that never sleeps,’ Ganta is an ideal destination for weekenders based on its array of eateries coupled with a ‘bucket list’ of worthy experiences.

Rapper Scientific

Scientific Talks about His Peace Campaign Ahead of 2017 General Election

Throughout his decade-and-a-half long career, rapper Scientific has released social commentaries on the ills in society. Even his love songs have social sides to them.

Accordingly, as the 2017 general election approaches, Scientific has kicked off a peace campaign in the Township of West Point in anticipation of the likelihood that the upcoming election may not be free of violence.

While on the peace campaign, LIB Life spoke to the rapper about his new initiative.

LIB Life: Please tell us more about this Scientific for Peace 2017 initiative?

Performance from the African ballet, with the most talked about Queen Mother upon arrival.

AMEU Students Thrill Audience

From jazz to African ballet, students from African United Methodist Episcopal Union held the audience spellbound with a repertoire that included traditional and African songs as well as Western classic and Christian music.

The event, the 2nd Annual Christmas Extravaganza, also saw beautiful performances from the university’s choir, to which the crowd took to their feet dancing.

However, it was the African ballet performance that stole the show.


“Holy Ghost Fire” Remix and Three Way Joint Venture

We’ve heard the rumors about how ‘difficult’ it is to get your track in the right hands. But for Diallo, the manager behind the most talked about Liberian artist right now, “it was very easy.”

American based Liberian artist Flex, the country’s first artist to get Akon on a featured track, is the Don behind ‘Holy Ghost Fire,” a ragga/club banger that so put Akon in the right mood, he literally “jumped on the record and murdered the record. He stayed in the booth for about two hours, no water, no drinking, no nothing.”

(L-r) Children at the Christmas party listen to Candace through a televised message.

Christmas with the Star

Liberian international model Candace Sayonkon is a ‘thriller’! And she has been thrilling her US audience with her beauty, elegance, and unique walk on the runway.

But there is another side to this US-based beauty that sets her apart — her humanitarian heart.

Since she stepped into the limelight, Candace has made known her love for her homeland. This was manifested this festive season when she put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children here in Monrovia.


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