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(L-r) Cianneh after the accident, and as a model

Overcoming Rejection to Become a Model

On a cool Thursday afternoon in 2012, up and coming model Cianneh Brown had a terrible accident that left her face and leg scarred, which greatly affected her dream of becoming a model.

Hospitalized for more than a week, upon her recovery Cianneh tried to break the odds with the scare to jumpstart her career despite the industry’s demand for beauty and smooth skin.

But her effort to break the odds was short-lived, as she was turned down from one audition to another because of the scars on her face and leg.

Introducing: Ms. Monrovia

Rachel Nyenanpanu White, who uses the stage name Ms. Monrovia, is a Liberian singer, songwriter and performing artist. Like most children growing up in Liberia, Ms. Monrovia endured adversities that her team claims to come with the community.

As a young woman coming up, Ms. Monrovia did not get the opportunity to go to school and focus on her schooling like most girls her age did back then because of financial constraints.

Members of the organizing committee at the launch yesterday


Yesterday, Wednesday, February 8, Runway Liberia, the biggest Liberian fashion event in the US, launched its maiden edition in Liberia at a press conference at Corina Hotel.

The launch, according to Chris Collins, CEO of Expression Liberia and the Liberia Edition Franchise Holder, is meant to boost Liberia’s fashion industry and raise it to world class standards.

Mr. Shugga is “Causing Trouble”

Rueben Karpeh, stage-name Mr. Shugga because of his positive attitude in every situation, his caring personality and his music, just got himself pushed up a notch on the list of artists to watch out for this year.

With his hit single, “Causing trouble,” and collaboration with Jodi Clark of DopeMusic Empire fame, the happy-go-lucky singer has done just that, causinh trouble and making everyone stop and salute him for another job well done.

Introducing: Fatmatta

There are only a handful of Liberian women at the top of their music game, and one of them of course is Fatmatta, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ and producer.

Many female artists have been holding the music industry down since day one, like R&B/pop/ragga star Sweetz, who has been singing since she had ponytails and jumped rope. Besides Sweetz, there is actually a whole planet of mad talented, catchy and moving young female artists who are too often overlooked.


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